What Is Backflow Testing?

what-is-backflow-testingBackflow preventers are essential to homes and businesses. You see, plumbing systems are made up of clean water lines and sewage lines. And there are cross-connections or joints where these lines meet. With that being said, backflow prevention devices should be installed to ensure that no change in pressure can result to backflows or worse, the contamination of clean water.

What is a backflow?

A backflow is an unfavorable reversal of water or liquid from its right direction in the plumbing system. Backflows are detrimental to our health because they may contaminate the clean water that we use in our home. Backflows result from backsiphonage or backpressure.

Backsiphonage happens when there’s an abrupt decrease in water pressure in the clean water lines. This occurs when fire hydrants are being use to stop a fire or when a main water line breaks. On the other hand, backpressure occurs when the pressure in the sewage lines exceeds the pressure in the clean water lines. Both of these will result to a disruption in the natural flow of liquid in both systems.

What are backflow preventers?

Backflow preventers are devices that thwart the reverse in the flow of liquid in sewage lines and clean water lines. Because of these, potable water is kept clean. You should know that these devices are required by the law to be installed most especially in certain types of establishments. These include auto shops, car washes, barber shops, parlors and even restaurants.

On Backflow Preventer Installation And Testing

Backflow preventers may only be installed by licensed plumbing contractors. Unfortunately, you cannot set them up on your own due to health hazards and water contamination risks. And if you think that the job ends in installation, you’re wrong. These devices should also be checked by certified plumbers to ensure that they’re actually working. Contractors are asked to undergo the training and pass the examination for them to be able to offer this service to home and business owners.

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Posted on: June 30, 2015