What Is A Backflow Preventer And Why Is It Important?

what-is-a-backflow-preventerHave you ever experienced your clean water line getting contaminated? Have you ever suffered from the consequences that resulted from a nasty sewage backup? We hope you haven’t. Backflows are really a pain in the ass and they provide a great deal of inconvenience not only for homeowners but business owners as well. Fortunately, there are now backflow preventers that prevent such plumbing emergencies from happening. Read on and learn more about backflows, backflow preventers and their importance.

What is a backflow?


A backflow is an unfavorable reverse of sewage or wastewater from its supposed destination. Instead, wastewater flows back and contaminates a clean water line. Backflows result from backsiphonage or backpressure. Whenever there’s a sudden increase or drop in pressure, the wastewater from drainage or sewage lines flows the wrong way and contaminates your potable water supply. This commonly happens in cross-connections or parts of your plumbing lines where drainage and clean water supply lines converge.

What is a backflow preventer?


Backflow preventers are also known to many as cross-connection control devices. They prevent the occurrence of backflows in plumbing systems by keeping the pressure inside the sewage and clean water lines stable. This way, they won’t get affected and the flow of liquid inside the tubes won’t get disrupted when there’s a sudden change in pressure.

Are there different types of backflow prevention devices?


Yes, there are several types of backflow preventers in the market. There are mechanical backflow prevention devices; vacuum breakers; atmospheric vacuum breakers; pressure devices and even hose connection vacuum breakers. To find out which one suits your business or home, call a licensed plumber.

Are backflow preventers required?


Yes, they are. In most states, backflow prevention devices are required to be installed specially in establishments like automobile repair shops, restaurants, barber shops, car washes, beauty salons and medical centers. You might want to check your local building code to get specific information regarding this mandate.

Can you install the backflow prevention device?


Unfortunately, no. Only licensed plumbers who have backflow certification can install these devices. While you can replace your shower heads and faucets; unclog your toilets; thaw frozen pipes or install a new sink, backflow prevention should only be handled by professionals. You surely do not want to risk having your water contaminated and getting your loved ones sick, do you?

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Posted on: June 9, 2015