West Palm Beach Plumbers Give Tips On What To With Hot Water Heater Leaking Problems

West Palm Beach plumbersHot water heater leaking problems shouldn’t make you panic at all. Your water heating system is just like any appliance you have at home — it is also prone to malfunction and repair. And though leaks aren’t that annoying and inconvenient compared to other plumbing issues you might encounter, they still need immediate attention. Why? Because though leaking starts out as a simple nuisance, it can lead to worse problems. Aside from the fact that it may result to damages in your property and hefty expenses, water heater malfunction is pretty dangerous. So what will you do when you find out that this expensive piece of equipment is leaking? That’s what this blog is all about. Let us help you respond to such kind of plumbing emergency. Follow these simple tips!

1. Turn off the water heater’s power supply.

This has always been our number one rule! Turn off the power supply. Water and electricity don’t go together unless of course you want to see some fireworks. Kidding aside, you surely do not want to end up getting electrocuted. So be very careful and shut the equipment down.

2. Shut the water supply valve.

It is annoying to waste water that you pay to heat and it is even more annoying to pay more for utility expenses because you failed to shut the supply valve off before the repair. Pull down the valve handle or simply turn it clockwise. Remember not to get in contact with the water though. Water heaters are usually set at 125 degrees and that sure is hot enough to burn your skin in a few seconds!

3. Determine the source of the leak and try quick fixes.

Once you’ve done step one and step two, it’s time to troubleshoot! Do this if you’re into DIY plumbing. Otherwise, skip to step 4! Anyway, to diagnose your water heater, start by checking the cold and hot water inlet connections. Observe the area where the lines connect and see if the leak is coming from there. If it is, it’s possible that it is just loose and that can be fixed by using a handy pipe wrench. Now proceed to checking the T/P relief valve and the heater drain valve. These parts are also prone to leaking and they’re most likely fixable. However, if the leak comes from the base of your water heater tank, it probably needs replacement already.

4. When all else fails, call your trusted plumber!

If you’ve tightened every loose connection in your hot water heating system and there’s still seepage, it’s time to contact the professionals. They can check the heater once again to verify the problem and assist you with the repair.

We hope that you found these tips valuable. Should you need professional plumbing assistance, just call the best and the most reliable West Palm Beach plumbers! Plumbers 911 Florida delivers excellent West Palm Beach plumbing services such as water heater repair, gas system installation, plumbing fixture installation and repair and many more!

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Posted on: April 24, 2014