What Is Water Submetering And Why Is It Essential?

water submeteringWater sub-metering is a plumbing service that involves the installation of separate water meters into individual units in apartment communities, mobile home communities or condominiums. Sub-metering is needed in these types of properties to allow each resident or tenant to pay the water bill based on his or her consumption. Without sub-meters, the development owner will be responsible for dividing the water expense across all tenants and residents which is indeed unfair for those who don’t consume that much. The cost will be passed on as association dues, as part of the tenant’s rent or as other forms of payment.

Why is sub-metering important?


Sub-metering is important for a number of reasons. First of all, it allows the fair billing of water consumption. This is an obvious advantage that residents and tenants will benefit from. Another significance of water sub-metering is that the task of paying the bill will be easier to accomplish. Each tenant or resident will be responsible for paying the bill instead of the development owner being responsible for paying their consumption in bulk.

Sub-metering is also essential because it allows people to monitor their water consumption. It may not be that big of a deal for some but think about it. With the environmental problems and water shortages we are facing nowadays, it is only wise to keep our consumption at minimum levels. When we are aware of how much water we use, we are also able to conserve. In fact, a recent study suggests that tenants in a multi-family property are more prone to wasting water when their consumption is not monitored.

For development owners, sub-metering is also beneficial because they no longer need to raise the tenants’ rent in case the water bill skyrockets. Therefore, they will also avoid complaints from people living in the condominium or apartment complex. Their operation expenses will also be reduced because since the tenants are responsible for their own bills, the owners no longer need to spend so much on overhead just to take care of meter reading and payment collection.

How does sub-metering work?


To have a property sub-metered, the owner must choose a contractor or company that specializes in this service. The said company will install the equipment needed for the sub-meters to work. These include the reading equipment, transmitters and water meters among many others. Each unit in the apartment complex or condominium will be accessed by the contractor’s crew to install the said equipment. Once done, the sub-metering company will take care of the meter reading, bill disbursement and payment collection.

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Posted on: December 16, 2014