What Are Water Sub Meters And How Do They Work?

water sub metersDo you have a multi-family residential property or do you live in one? Do have water sub-meters installed there? We hope so. Water sub-meters are essential plumbing components that provide property owners and tenants several advantages. If you still don’t have sub-meters installed in your apartment building or condominium, read on and learn all about the importance of these devices.

What are water sub meters?


Water sub meters are devices installed in every unit of multi-family development communities such as apartment buildings, condominiums and mobile homes. These devices measure and track the water consumption of the specific units where they are installed.

How do they work?


Multi-family development communities used to have only one main water meter to track the water consumption of all the tenants. Once the meter is read, the water consumption bill is evenly divided among the number of tenants or units currently living in the complex. The expense is then distributed to the tenants in the form of association dues or additional fees placed on top of rent. This method is really unfair for people or tenants who don’t use as much water as the others do.

But because of water sub-metering, fair billing is implemented. Each unit will have its own water sub-meter that will track and measure the tenant’s water consumption. People will not pay accordingly and fairly. Those who use more water will pay more. Those who use less, will pay less.

How will sub-metering benefit tenants?


Obviously, tenants will only be paying for water that they’ll actually consume or use. They will no longer be asked to pay for additional fees or association fees that result from their water usage. Tenants will also be able to monitor their water consumption. Since they have their own meter they can check, they’ll surely be in control of how much water they’ll use. In other words, they’ll be more capable of saving or conserving water.

What about the benefits for property owners?


Well, there are several. First of all, there will be no need to hire people to read the water meter; make the bill; distribute the bill and collect the payments. Since there’ll be a water sub-metering company who’ll take care of all these things for the property owner, his expenses for overhead or labor are cut down. Another important advantage is that the owner longer needs to waste his time and energy monitoring his tenants’ payments for water consumption. The responsibility of paying the bill is taken off his back and is transferred to the very tenants.

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Posted on: April 28, 2015