What Is A Water Sub-Meter and Why Is It Important?

water sub-meterDo you have a water sub-meter at home? If you live in a multi-family structure such as an apartment community, condominium or a mobile home community, you indeed have one. You see, a water sub-meter is a device installed in multi-family residential structures to be able to monitor and bill each family or tenant accordingly. Without the water sub-meters, all tenants and residents would have to divide the water bill among them without relying on an accurate measure of their usages. What about tenants who do not use as much water as the others? What about those that use more than what they’ll pay for? Obviously, the lack of water sub-meters is going to result in problems that will not only affect the residents but also the property owner, too.

How Water Sub-Metering Works


A licensed plumbing contractor will be hired to install water sub-meters in a property. Transmitters and reading equipment will be installed together with the meters to accomplish the accurate monitoring and billing of the tenants’ water consumption. The contractor will access each of the apartment or condominium units for the installation. When the project is completed, a sub-metering company chosen by the property owner will then take care of the reading, creation and distribution of bills as well as the collection of payments from tenants.

The Importance of Water  Sub-Metering


The installation of water sub-meters in an apartment complex or multi-family residential building is essential and advantageous. This system benefits the tenants and the property owner, too. Here are some of the advantages:

1. Fair billing will be implemented.

2. Tenants will be able to monitor their water consumption. When they notice that they have been using water way more than they should, they’ll be able to easily lessen their consumption.

3. Paying water bills will be easier since each tenant is already presented his own bill that’s calculated based on his or her water consumption.

4. The property owner’s responsibilities are lessened when it comes to payment collection. He won’t have to compute each tenant’s bill or handle the collection of their payments on his own.

5. The property owner’s expenses will also be reduced. Instead of spending money on hiring people to distribute the bill and collect payment from each of the tenants, the owner can just set up a contract with a water sub-metering company to do all these things for him.

5. With all the water shortages and environmental problems we face nowadays, water conservation is vital. With the help of water sub-meters, homeowners or tenants will be aware of their consumption and therefore find ways on how they can cut down their utility expenses while saving water at the same time.

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Posted on: April 9, 2015