Water Heating System Maintenance Tips

water heatingWater heater maintenance is vital for so many reasons. First of all, taking good care of your water heating system will prolong its life. We all know that it’s a durable plumbing appliance that may last for up to 10 years or more. But without proper care, you can expect its life span to shorten significantly. Secondly, maintaining your water heater will guarantee its efficiency. It’s not an appliance that’s installed and then left alone for good. It must be flushed or drained and its parts should remain at tip-top shape for you to have a consistent supply of hot water in your house or place of business. Lastly, caring for your hot water heater will help make the most out of your hard-earned money. Heating systems are not cheap after all. So why would you let your money go to waste by neglecting this appliance that you’ve worked so hard for? Moving forward, here are a few maintenance tips you should follow:

1. Keep your water heater’s tank clean. Sediments build up at the bottom of the tank and these actually affect the efficiency of the water heater. Flush the tank at least once every year to get rid of the sediments.

2. Do not set the water heater’s thermostat to more than 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This will not only avoid overheating issues but also cut down your energy cost.

3. Check the T&P (Temperature & Pressure) valve. Lift its lever half-way up and then just let it go. It’s supposed to snap back into place. If you ever hear any type of gurgling sound once you do the test, it indicates that water has been released into the water heater’s drain tube. Consequently, that means that the T&P valve works fine. Otherwise, this component of your heater should be replaced.

4. To add efficiency to your water heater, don’t forget to insulate its tank and its supply pipes. This will also help cut reduce your energy expenses.

5. Inspect the unit for leaks. If there’s any drip coming from the heater, attend to it immediately. Remember, water and electricity don’t go well together. You’ll certainly put the lives of your loved ones at risk if you don’t get rid of the leak ASAP.

6. Corrosion is also a big issue when it comes to water heating systems.  If your water heater has a tank, it’s supposed to have an anode rod inside. Replace that component if rust has already eaten away on it. Otherwise, the tank will get rusty, too.

7. If your water heater ever stops working, turn its power supply off first. You can only do as much as check if it’s hooked to a power source. Other than that, you’ll have to hold off on troubleshooting the appliance. Just call a licensed plumber to repair the unit for you.

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Posted on: April 23, 2015