How To Troubleshoot A Water Heater Leaking

water heater leakingThe hot water heater is an indispensable appliance every home should have. It should be properly and regularly maintained to keep it in great shape and lengthen its lifespan. A heating unit’s expected to function for 10 years and maybe even longer. However, we cannot disregard the fact that it will sooner or later malfunction or totally become inoperable. There will also come a time that its parts will leak. Don’t ever panic when you discover your water heating leaking. Instead, turn its power supply off right away to avoid electrocution and other sorts of issues. Meanwhile, read on and find out what causes water heater leaks!

Leaks Because of Condensation


Condensation is the process in which water collects on a cold surface when it gets in contact with humid air. When you notice that leaks appear while you’re filling up the tank and go away when the water gets hot, that confirms that the leaks come from condensation. This usually happens when the weather’s too cold. To fix this problem, you should have your vents inspected and cleared for obstructions. The gas water heater flue should also be inspected.

Leaks From The Tank


The tank is one of the most common sources of leak in a heating system. To avoid this problem, you should ensure that the anode rod is replaced when it’s corroded and that the tank is flushed regularly.

Leaks From The Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve


When the T&P valve leaks, the problem is due to pressure issues. The pressure may either be too low or too high. To solve this issue, you have to adjust the valve. There are also instances when the valve is already damaged that’s why drips occur. An immediate replacement will take care of the problem.

Leaks From The Water Supply Lines


The water supply pipes are not exempted from leaking as well. To fix the problem, turn the main shut off valve first. If the water comes out of the water heater, turn its own supply valve. If the drips come from the fittings and pipes, replace or repair these parts immediately.

Leaks From The Water Heater Drain Valve


If the water heater’s drain valve leaks, you should tighten it. If re-tightening won’t work, then you probably have a damaged valve. Replace it ASAP.

Leaks From The Heating Element Gasket


When it’s the water heater’s gasket that leaks, you’ll first have to shut down your home’s power supply. Shut the water supply valve and drain the unit’s tank. Replace the gasket immediately to fix the problem. Before turning on the water heater, make sure that you’ll turn the supply valve on first. Run hot water in your sink drain to get rid of air in the pipe system. When the tank is already half-filled, turn the power supply on.

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Posted on: May 7, 2015