Plumbing Tips to Save Water at Home

water conservation blue springs MOWater is probably one of the most neglected natural resources in the world. Now before you throw that glass of water down the sink, did you know that only 1% of the entire body of water on earth is potable? Yes. Yet most of us waste water like it is unlimited.

Worldwide, 783 million human beings have zero access to clean and safe water. You are extremely lucky if you have running water 24/7. Got that small leak on your pipes or faucet? Remember that about 102 million of the 159 million people or 2/3 of the population are still using surface water in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Also be reminded of the following water related facts:

  • Almost 1 in every 5 deaths under the age of 5 is due to a water-related disease.
  • 84% of people who have no access to clean water are in rural areas, and most of them live primarily through subsistence agriculture
  • 64% of rural households basically rely on women to acquire the water for her family to use
  • Less than 1:3 people in Africa has access to proper toilet
  • The leading causes of cholera and other infectious diseases in Africa are inadequate sanitation, poor hygiene, and unsafe drinking water.
  • ½ of the hospital beds in the world have people suffering from water related disease.

These facts show how important it is to conserve water. You are just one or your home may be using only very little but you can do your share in saving this limited resource of life. Here are some water conservation tips that you can do at home or in your area.

  • Do not use excessive amounts of chemicals, bleach, or detergents on your washer because you will be needing additional amount of water to eliminate the chemicals, and these can also kill the natural bacteria inside your septic system. If possible, use biodegradable detergents and soaps in your home.
  • Avoid excessive watering of your lawn during summer time. You can make use of timers that you can easily attach to your faucet. It shuts off the sprinkler once done. For fire and lawn sprinkler installation in Blue Springs, hire a local plumbing expert.
  • Immediately contact your water facility if you find out that the water pressure in your home exceeds 60 pounds per square inch. Your local plumber can help you with the installation of pressure-reducing valve that limits the water pressure.
  • Always check for leaks as any amount of leakage could be harmful to the environment and to your wallet. A leaky faucet could waste more than 8 gallons of water per day and that amounts to 3,000 gallons a year! A local plumber can do leak detection in Blue Springs.
  • Watch out for that faulty shower head. Replacing the old one could save you at least 7.5 gallons of water per minute.

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Posted on: October 18, 2016