What To Do If Your Washing Machine Won’t Drain

washing-machine-wont-drainThe washing machine is a durable piece of appliance that may last for years as long as used and maintained properly. However, this durability doesn’t mean that plumbing and motor issues won’t arise. In fact, among the most common problems that homeowners experience with washing machines involves draining. There will come a time that the appliance won’t drain at all and the best way to handle such a situation is to find the source of the trouble. Here’s a troubleshooting guide we’ve written just for you!

1. Detach the washing machine’s power cable from the electricity outlet. When you’ve unplugged it, prop it up and inspect its front panel. Look for two screws that keep the front panel in place. Unscrew those.

2. When you’re done, carefully pull the front panel outward through its lower edge.  Unhook the front panel from the top, too. Now there are washing machine models that require the detachment of its entire shell to give access to its pump. If yours is a Whirlpool washing machine, you might have to do just that.

3. Find the pump of the washer and check it for any kind of obstruction. If you see a piece of linen or cloth inside the pump, you must hook it out immediately. Now remember that most pumps have springs which make them come off easily. Detach the washer’s drain hose and the belt from the pulley that’s found beside the pump. After that, remove the clog. If the cloth is stuck or tangled, you must twist the pulley to unwind it.

4. If there’s no blockage in the pump, check the washing machine’s drain hose. If there are sediments inside, you can wash them with hot water or use a wire to break through the buildup.

5. If the drain hose isn’t clogged, check the pump again. Insert your finger inside and feel the impeller. Is it damaged? Are there fins that are damaged? Is the pump leaking? If your answer is yes to all or any of these questions, you must have the pump replaced.

We hope that you learned what to do when you discover that your washing machine won’t drain. If the problem persists, just call the most reputable Edgerton plumber for drain cleaning. Plumbers 911 Kansas provides reliable local plumbing services in Edgerton KS including drainpipe cleaning, plumbing appliances installation, broken pipes repair, plumbing fixture installation, boiler repair and many more! Call us at 816-326-8643 to schedule a service!

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Posted on: July 15, 2015