DIY Washing Machine Installation Made Easy

washing machine installationA washing machine is an indispensable plumbing appliance any household should have. It doesn’t only save us a lot of time when doing the laundry but it also saves us a lot of energy as compared to washing our dirty clothes by hand. Now if you still don’t have a washing machine or if the old unit you have just broke, it’s time to get your plumbing skills ready and install your new appliance! Here’s a DIY guide to help you out.

1. Remove your washing machine from its box. Get rid of all the packaging materials and brackets that came with it. Dispose of them properly.

2. Before doing anything with your new washer, check its user’s manual first. Make sure that you’ll read any special instruction.

3. Prepare the installation area. If you have an old unit, you have to dispose of it properly and remove all of the used connections. Otherwise, just keep the area clean.

4. When the area’s ready, attach the water supply first. There should be two PVC hoses at the back of the washer. One should be colored red, which is meant for hot water. The other one should be blue, which is meant for cold water. Take note that new models usually have one PVC hose installed.

5. Before connecting the PVC hoses to your plumbing, make sure that the valves are turned off.

6. Connect the hoses to their respective valves. Guarantee that they’re secured tightly. When you’re done, proceed with the drain line.

7. Check if the washing machine has a built-in drain connection installed. If it has, you simply have to hook the other end to your drainage pipe. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a clamp to connect it to the washing machine.

8. Before putting the washer in place, plug the electrical cord first. Perform a check just to make sure that there’s no leak and that the machine works. Turn the water supply valve on and observe if the hoses will leak. Turn the washing machine on and let it run a large drain load. Lastly, drain the appliance. If there is no seepage anywhere, push the washer in place. Otherwise, fix the leak first.

9. If water spills from the drain line, there may be a blockage somewhere in it. Clear the obstruction with a drain snake.

10. If the washing machine’s valves are leaking, tighten the packing. If this doesn’t work, replace the valves.

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Learn how to troubleshoot a washing machine. Watch this video to get tips!

Posted on: October 28, 2014