Easy DIY Fixes For A Washing Machine Drain Clogged

washing machine drain cloggedYour washing machine is one of the appliances that you highly value in your home. Without it, you’ll either be spending money paying for laundry services or end up washing your clothes by hand. So what would it be? We bet no one would ever want to spend so much time taking care of dirty laundry or shell out money for something that can actually be done in less than an hour. The thing is, it’s not only the appliance itself that breaks or malfunctions at times. Sometimes it’s your very plumbing that prevent you from using your clothes washer. In most cases, a drain clogged is what you’ll experience. Because of all the lint, dirt, mud and all the other particles that go through your pipes, they end up blocked up. With that said, we want to share with you a quick DIY guide on how to fix a washing machine drain that’s clogged! Read on and learn!

1. Find the location of your drain. It could be behind or under your washing machine. Once you’ve located it, you have to disconnect that pipe tubing attached to it in order to access the main drain. Just for the sake of this tutorial, you can use the unclogger solution that you use at home. Just follow its manufacturer instructions and pour the mixture into the very drain. Let it sit around for the recommended time then pour a bucket of water to check if the clog has already been removed.

2. If not, you’ll have to try getting rid of the blockage using your handy plumbing snake. Insert the end of the wire / coil into the hole and rotate the handle to keep pushing it in. Keep turning the crank to break the clog and slowly pull it out once done.

3. Now if the clog is too nasty to be removed, you can attach the snake to a drill. There’s usually a off-hand attachment for common home drills and that’s what you need to use. Just run the end of the plumbing snake into the drain until it touches the clog. Hold the drill with both hands and turn the drill on to create a powerful circular motion and break the blockage. Again, slowly pull the snake out of the drain and dispose of the sediments or blockage properly.

4. Before using your washing machine, remember to flush the pipe by pouring water into it. This will ensure that the pipe has been cleared of the clog. Connect the pipe tubing to the drain once again and voila! You can now wash your dirty clothes!

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Posted on: June 10, 2015