The Ball-Type Tap: Washerless Faucet Repair Made Easy!

washerless faucet repairWhen you hear the term “washerless” from your friendly plumber and he’s pertaining to your faucet, he just means that your tap isn’t the compression-type. It could be any one of three main washerless taps available in the market which are: ball-valve type, cartridge type or disc-type. It’s not the usual faucet you have a home that features a threaded system because well, it is washerless. With this type of spout, repairs may involve replacing the gasket, the O-ring or any of its rubber parts. For this post, we’ll share with you a quick DIY guide on ball-type washerless faucet repair! Read on and fix that leak ASAP!

1. As always, you have to turn off the water supply valve under the sink before tinkering with your tap. This will prevent flooding in your work area. Once done, open the spout in order to release pressure.

2. Get rid of the faucet’s handle. Check it if has a lever. If it does, there’s retaining nut that’s supposedly found right under that lever. It may also be found on the circular valve cover’s base. Remove the screw using your handy dandy Allen wrench. If the faucet that you have at home has a plastic handle, you should be able to locate its screw just under the decorative cap. Detach the cap using a (flathead) screwdriver and get rid of the screw with the help of a Phillips screwdriver.

3. Secure the retaining ring that’s located under the faucet handle. Do it by grasping the squared-off part using a pair of adjustable pliers. Turn the water supply on and check for leaks. If there’s still some dripping going on, screw the faucet handle tighter.

4. Turn the water supply off again. Detach the retaining ring if there’s still a leakage. Remove the O-ring slowly and be very careful because the ball is just right under it. Detach the ball and its springs. Check if they’re still in good condition. If the ball has cracks or chipped off, replace it. If the springs are damaged, replace them too.

5. Detach the rubber gaskets from the water inlets that are located at the base of the faucet valve. Do this with the help of a flathead screwdriver. Replace these parts with new units. Disconnect the O-ring from the ball using a sharp utility knife. Get a new O-ring, coat it with plumber’s grease and slide it onto the ball.

6. Start re-assembling the valve by first positioning the new springs inside the gaskets. Place the new ball right on top of the springs and press it down as you install the O-ring. Tighten the connection with the help of adjustable pliers. Replace the faucet handle; turn on the water supply valve and test again for leaks! That should already solve the problem!

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Posted on: June 10, 2015