Unclogging A Floor Drain Without A Snake

unclogging a floor drain without a snakeFloor drains are vulnerable to clogs. These are usually the last stop of wastewater before the latter finally settles in your septic tank or the public sewer. And because all types of waste materials pass through these lines, they may clog up, especially without proper care and regular maintenance. You may have already read from our previous blogs that fat, grease, oily substances and soap scum cause the blockage.  Actually other factors that may lead to this annoying plumbing problem and we’ll share those with you today. You may have also read that a plumbing snake is the best method to get rid of the blockage. That’s right. But if you are looking for other options, check out these suggestions!

What else causes floor drain clogs?

Aside from the accumulation of grease inside the pipes, drain clogs also result from:

  • damaged or broken drain pipes
  • water flow issues
  • debris and sediments
  • improper installation of pipes
  • heavy downpours that collect leaves and dirt in the pipes and vents

With all these in mind, you will avoid clogs in your system if you maintain the exact opposite of these situations. First of all, repair or replace broken pipes. Don’t let cracks and holes in the drainage system interfere with the pressure in the pipes and result to clogging. Secondly, you have to ask professionals to fix any type of water flow issue. They’re skilled and trained to fix these problems for you. Take time to clear your pipes regularly. You can use a plumbing snake or other drain cleaners that you prefer. Just ensure that your choice doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Another point that you shouldn’t forget is to seek the help of plumbing experts when it comes to pipe installation. This way, you’re sure that the right pipe size and length will be installed.  Last but not the least, clear your vents and drains of leaves and sediments especially after heavy downpours.

Clean The Drain Trap

There will be times when you should actually clean the trap to get rid of the clog. A cold chisel will be used to loosen the backflow ball of your preventer device. Once it is detached, a wet or dry vacuum can siphon out the dirt and sediments in the trap.

What about baking soda and vinegar?

Minor clogs can be easily cleared by baking soda and vinegar. A ratio of 1:1 should be used to measure the ingredients. You may use enzymatic drain cleaners which eat away on organic substances inside the pipes. There are also other home remedies that you can try such as the combination of salt, baking soda and vinegar or borax, salt and vinegar.

We hope that you learned tips when unclogging a floor drain without a snake. If the problem persists, just call the most trustworthy Miami plumber for drain cleaning services. Plumbers 911 Florida provides local plumbing services in Miami FL including drain pipe cleaning, leak detection, camera sewer inspection, toilet repairs, faucet repair and many more! Call us at Miami (305) 662-0668, Fort Lauderdale (954) 468-0512, West Palm Beach (561) 327-6287 to schedule a service now!

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Posted on: May 28, 2015