Unclog Septic Tank The Right Way

unclog septic tankYour septic tank can only hold so much. Its capacity is limited so it has a tendency to overflow when not pumped out regularly. Another issue that you have to watch out for is clogging. Yes, septic tanks may also clog, too. Remember, it is exposed to a wide array of waste substances that are sticky and stubborn. If you feel as if your tank is clogged at the moment, here’s how professional plumbers take care of the problem:

1. The licensed plumber will determine if there’s an actual problem in your septic system. A camera will be used to inspect the drainage lines and locate any internal breakage, if there’s any. In most cases, a clogged tank isn’t caused by a break in the lines. It mostly results from the accumulation of waste and sludge inside the drainage system.

2. When the plumber identifies the location of the buildup, he may use a plumbing snake to get rid of the waste substances. Another method he may use is hydro-jetting, which is easy and efficient, too.

3. Now if there’s no mechanical problem of some sort, the plumber will proceed with the clearing out of the tank and the drainage lines. Instead of using chemicals which can harm the system, a bacteria-based cleaner will be utilized. The bacteria will eat away the organic waste substances inside the system. Doing so will clear the clog and make the flow of wastewater into the tank smooth once again.

4. If the recommend amount of cleaner fails to solve the problem, the plumbing professional may increase the dosage or just switch to a more aggressive bacteria-based cleaner. However, you have to remember that using this type of cleaner won’t give you immediate results. Usually, the cleaning may take a couple of days or weeks even, depending on your system’s current condition. If you haven’t cleared your drainage system for years, you can expect a really long cleaning period.

5. To prevent this issue from recurring, you have to schedule a pump-out regularly. Septic tank pumping is essential to every home or business that has a tank. This plumbing service involves the clearing of the tank with the use of a large, siphon hose. The waste materials will be transferred to the service truck and brought to a waste treatment facility where they will be used in more productive means.

We hope that you learned how professionals unclog septic tanks through our blog today. If you need this service, just call the best Gardner plumber for septic tank unclogging. Plumbers 911 Kansas provides the most reliable plumbing services in Gardner KS including septic tank maintenance, hydrojetting, sump pumps installation, mainline video, backflow prevention and many more! Call us at (913) 948-9200 to schedule a service!

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Posted on: May 27, 2015