Getting Rid Of Drain Clogs: Steps, Tips And Preventive Measures

unblocking drainsUnblocking drains may seem too difficult especially for those who are not skilled when it comes to plumbing. But even if it is as daunting as it may appear to be, remember that anything can be done with just the right know-how and technical facility. After all, even professional plumbers started with zero skills and gained expertise through years of continuous learning and experience. So going back to your drains, if ever you experience blockage and want to be able to solve the problem yourself, start by reading this informative article we found online. It details the materials you need, the budget required and also the skills you must have to successfully unblock your drain.

How To Unblock A Drain

Step One: Lift The Cover And Check The Chambers

Lift the drain inspection cover nearest to the house to see if the chamber is full of water. A spade is useful to lever up the edge of the cover if there are no handles or if you don’t have the keys to fit the cover. If the chamber is empty, the blockage is somewhere in the soil pipe from the house to the chamber.

The article above just provided a step-by-step guide in unblocking drains. But as they all say, prevention is always better than cure. So instead of just getting rid of drain blockages, you should also implement cautious measures to prevent such inconvenience. Read this article below to learn what you should or should not do in order to keep the flow in your drainage system smooth. The article also features the responsibilities that you have as a homeowner when it comes to drainage maintenance and who you should contact in case a problem arises.

How To Unblock A Drain

A blocked drain is always a hassle and dealing with a blockage can seem complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. So we’ve put together some tips to help you learn how to unblock a drain and get your plumbing and drainage system running smoothly again. Take a look at the following article and find out how to:

Put all the tips and steps you learned into mind and you’ll certainly unclog your drains in no time! And remember, if the methods we shared above don’t work, it’s time to get professional plumbing assistance! Worry not and just give our trusted plumbing experts in the US a quick call! We deliver exceptional and yet affordable plumbing services such as pipe repair, drain pipe cleaning, backflow prevention and many more! Reach Plumbers 911 at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-468-0512 (Broward County FL), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach County FL), 800-731-1139 (Central Valley CA) or (877) 932-5325 (Washington DC)!

Find out how you can unclog your drains without the use of toxic chemicals. Watch this video!

Posted on: June 10, 2015