The Top 3 Causes of Smelly Water from Stinky Drains in West Palm Beach

burst pipe west palm beachIt’s true that lives should smell like roses but it is not always like that at home. At some point there would be bad odors coming out from our drains and oftentimes our drinking water gets affected.

Sewer gases emit sulfurous smells caused by bacteria and can cause health hazards to the entire household.

At Plumbers 911 West Palm Beach, we can fix this for you. We have licensed, insured, and bonded professional plumbers who can address this issue. But really, what are the top 3 causes of smelly water and stinky drains?

Water Heater Bacteria

We all have water heaters and we know how this works. However, what we do not know is that the water heater can be a source of bad smells. If the water heater has not been used for quite some time, or when the temperature is maintained too low, then bacteria could grow inside it causing horrendous rotten egg smells making showering unpleasant.

Corroded anode rod in the water heater can also cause this odor. In cases like this one, it is best to replace the rod immediately.

Dried Out P-Trap

Here’s another common reason: P-Traps. A dried out P-Trap causes sewer gas smells to back up into your house.

What are P-traps? These are the curving pipes found under kitchen and bathroom sinks. The P-traps are designed to hold water in the bottom of the U-curve. They are called traps for a reason — it collects debris drained from the sink, thereby creating a seal preventing gases from backing up from the sewer.

In cases when the tap dries out, the protection from the sewer gases weakens. To protect the P-trap seal from weakening, proper venting is needed.

Replacement of P-traps can be consulted with a reliable West Palm Beach plumber. They have all the equipment and tools to perform replacement of P-traps. Not to mention that these plumbers are licensed, insured, and bonded to ensure that your plumbing issue is solved without any problem.

Sewer Line Problems

This is the most common and it can come from lots of causes, including leaks from broken drain pipes, sewer back-ups, loose pipe connections, clogged drains, plugged vent pipes, and many other reasons.

Note that it is not your responsibility to fix the main sewer line. Contact your municipality or city’s office to fix this issue.

However, if your private line has this issue to the mainline, the responsibility lies on your shoulders. It is recommended that you contact a professional West Palm Beach plumber immediately to address the issue once and for all.

Sewer backups can be avoided because the causes are normally man-made. The most common reasons are pet litters, flushing foreign objects in your toilets such as tampons, diapers, and toys.

Another cause is dumped cooking fats and grease down the sink. Other food debris and coffee grinds also cause backups.

Tree roots growing into your pipelines and deteriorated pipes are also causing plumbing problems.

All these issues can be addressed by a professional West Palm Beach plumber. All you need to do is call Plumbers 911 West Palm Beach for professional plumbing service.

Posted on: May 25, 2017