How To Replace Toilet Seat Bumpers

toilet seat bumpersToilet seat bumpers are small pieces of plastic that provide a cushion between the toilet and its seat. You have to know that even if they’re small, they are actually important to the john. First of all, they prevent damages to your ceramic throne. In fact, they can even contribute to the toilet’s longevity. However, they may easily wear out because of constant usage. Fortunately, toilet seat bumpers are pretty cheap and they’re also hassle-free to install. If yours are already damaged, it’s time to install new ones. Follow this DIY guide we prepared just for you!

1. Get an old cloth or rag and dampen it with warm water. Lift your toilet seat up and scrub the area around the bumpers. Clean the area thoroughly.

2. Use your flathead screwdriver and slide it underneath the worn out toilet seat bumpers. Push against these things until they pop out.

3. If they are screwed in, go for the small cover found at the center of the bumpers. Slide your flathead screwdriver into that and pop the bumpers out. Set the screws aside.

4. When you’re done with both, use the old cloth to scrub the area again. You should remove all dirt and sediments to make the new installation effective and permanent. Remember, debris may actually loosen the bumpers later on.

5. Get the replacement parts and snap them in place. If you the old bumpers were previously screwed, screw the new ones as well. Make sure that the bumpers are perfectly fitted into the hole.

6. Reinstall the caps that you removed earlier. Twist the bumpers just to make sure that they are secured to the toilet seat. Put the seat down and test if it’s stable. Otherwise, loosen the bumpers and reinstall them again.

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Posted on: November 20, 2014