How To Replace Toilet Seat Bumpers

toilet seat bumpersDo you know what toilet seat bumpers are? These are the small pieces of plastic found under the toilet seat. They are also important to the fixture because they provide cushion between and bowl and its seat. With that being said, they prevent the bowl from getting scratched or damaged. Unfortunately, they also deteriorate over time. With constant use of the toilet seat, the bumpers get damaged until they can no longer serve their purpose. If your toilet seat bumpers are worn out already, use this DIY guide to fix the problem!

1. Get a rag or an old cloth that you no longer use. Dampen the cloth with warm water and use to scrub around the toilet seat bumpers. Make sure that you’ll clean the area thoroughly.

2. Afterward, get your flathead screwdriver and insert it under the damaged seat bumpers. Push it further to pop the bumpers out.

3. On the other hand, if the bumpers are screwed in, you’ll have to look for the small cover or cap found at their centers. Slide your screwdriver in there and try to pop the bumpers out. As for the screws, set them aside.

4. After removing the bumpers, scrub the installation area once again. Make sure that all sediments and dirt are removed to ensure that the new bumpers will be installed efficiently. As you may have guessed, dirt and grime will loosen the new bumpers.

5. Now snap the replacement bumpers in place. If the old ones were screwed, make sure that you’ll get the same screw-type bumpers, too. They should fit perfectly in the respective holes.

6. After the installation, put the cap back on. Twist the toilet seat bumpers to tighten them. Afterward, put the toilet seat down and sit on it. Is it stable? We hope so! Otherwise, you’ll have to re-tighten them.

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Posted on: May 21, 2015