4 Signs You Need a Toilet Repair in Miami, FL

Toilet Repair in MiamiYour throne at home – the toilet, needs to be properly maintained so it can be fit for a king (or a queen) and stay that way. Your toilet has been through so much, and it has been your lowly companion when things get nasty (if you know what that means). Needless to say, it also deserves some attention.

If you are experiencing minor issues with your toilet, you need to quickly diagnose the source of the problem and perform basic troubleshooting. Most minor toilet problems are easy to fix so hold off calling the experts for a little while until you are sure you need professional toilet repair in Miami.

How to know when it’s time to call the experts

  1. Your toilet frequently needs repairs.

Is there anything worse than having a non-functioning toilet in your home? It can be a bad thing to experience a toilet problem once but imagine the inconvenience and the accumulative cost if problems occur repeatedly. That spells disaster and it has to stop. Your toilet is obviously telling you that you need the help of a handyman so pay attention and don’t put off calling in the pros.

  1. Unstable toilet.

Nobody wants to sit on a wobbly toilet. It is downright worrying and it can easily turn to a leaky, wobbly toilet if ignored. First thing, check to see if a bolt just needs tightening but be sure not to over-tighten the toilet bolts. If this does not do the trick, then it might be something only a skilled repairman will be able to fix.

  1. Your toilet has a crack below the water level.

A toilet with a crack is like a ticking time bomb: any time it is doomed to “explode.” You can only picture how messy it would be and the danger it could cause.

  1. Your toilet has a crack in the tank.

If your toilet has a tank crack above the water level that has gotten worse and can’t be repaired using a porcelain sealer, your best option is to replace the toilet and is best done by a qualified professional.

  1. You are clearly having a toilet emergency.

Your toilet is not working properly and everything is a mess. When nothing you do seems to be working, no doubt about it: you need an emergency toilet repair in Miami as soon as possible.

Spotted the signs? What to do next

Toilet problems, no matter how simple it can be, can lead to major problems if left uncorrected. It can cause severe damages and may require costly and extensive repairs. Nobody wants that for sure. As a homeowner in Florida, it would be an advantage for you to know some basic repair skills, perform DIY repairs with caution and know when you need to hire a dependable plumber in Miami.

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Posted on: January 22, 2017