What To Do When Your Toilet Is Not Flushing At All

toilet not flushing at allIt’s really annoying when your toilet acts up. It gets even more irritating when you use it in the morning to do your thing and then finding out later on that it won’t even flush. There are also times when you need to flush it twice or worse, it just merely swirls no matter how many times you try. So what do these symptoms suggest? Is there a problem with your plumbing? Is it your toilet that needs repair or replacement? Let us present you with two ways on how to handle such bathroom problems. First of all, let us talk about fixing a slow toilet. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot and repair slow toilet flushing.

How to Fix a Slow Toilet

Do you have a slow-flowing or flushing toilet? Here are some things to try if the weak flush is caused by an obstruction in the bowl’s rim, where water is discharged. Toilets with this problem may quickly accumulate unwanted deposits because the flush leaves portions of the bowl unwashed.

If you read the article completely, you learned that slow flushing might be due to mineral deposits that block the holes under the rim of your toilet. But, if all your toilets at home have the same issue, it could be a sign that there’s a problem with your drain. When that’s the case, you should strictly promote proper use and maintenance of your toilet. Now let’s get delve into the solutions for toilets that merely swirl or those that do not even flush.

“Toilets normally flush with great force, so when your toilet merely swirls after you push down the handle you immediately know the toilet is no longer functioning properly. You must first determine the cause of the loss of flushing power before you can begin to work on a solution to the problem.” (See full article here.) 

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Is there a problem with your toilet’s flushing mechanism? Learn how to replace it! Watch this video now!

Posted on: June 10, 2015