Toilet Installation and Common Toilet Problems in Your Cambridge Home

One of the most essential parts of a Cambridge home is the toilet. According to statistics, most adults stay for a total of 92 days inside the toilet and 1.5 years in the bathroom their entire lifetime. With this time spent revolving around the toilet, it can be stressful when it malfunctions.

This post will explain the common toilet problems you might encounter when you live in Cambridge and some information on installation and trouble shooting.

Low Water

The water level drops for a lot of reasons, it could be because of the float in the tank or it involves a blockage in the toilet trap. Actually, anything can cause a blockage inside your toilet but the most common one is piece of paper stuck inside the colon of the toilet so never ever flush toilet paper. The float, on the other hand, triggers the fill valve if your toilet needs more water. Most of the time it gets dislodged resulting to too little/too much water in your bowl.


A faulty wax gasket can cause a leak. This certain gasket sits between the toilet and the drain pipe flange and it creates a tight seal so waste, condensation and water do not leak. When this wax gasket seal fail to function, the water leaks around the base of your toilet.

You can find a wax gasket in your local hardware, it inexpensive as well. You can do the repair on your own, however, it might take hours to remove the toilet bowl and install the new wax seal so it is highly recommended to call a professional Cambridge plumber.

Noisy Toilet

Sometimes you would hear your toilet screech as you flush. This happens when the valve closes off very slowly. Your plumber can address this noisy toilet problem because they don’t usually replace this part unless there’s really a valid reason to.

Phantom Flushing

Your toilet flushes on its own and you think you’re being haunted… well, you’re not! Phantom flushing is caused by a worn out or damaged flapper. Purchase a replacement flapper and call a plumber to replace it for you.

For toilet installation in your Cambridge home, it is best to call Plumbers 911 at (855) 484-3911. It might cost you a few dollars, but it gives you the assurance that the work is done efficiently. Watch this video to know how we can help you.


Posted on: June 22, 2017