What Does That Weird Toilet Flush Sound Mean?

toilet flush soundOnce in a while, we find ourselves caught in a toilet situation. We deal with clogged toilet bowls, malfunctioning valves, leaking pipes and sometimes, a weird toilet flush sound. While most of us are skilled, do-it-yourself individuals, some seek the help of plumbing professionals right away to get the job done and the problem solved ASAP. However, it is also advantageous to have some basic plumbing skills to save on maintenance or repair expenses. That being said, here are some troubleshooting tips when identifying toilet problems based on flush sounds:

• Phantom flushing means that the toilet is creating a flushing sound even when there’s no one using it. This can be due to water waste that’s brought about by a leak somewhere. Find the leak and fix it.

• A loud sound after flushing that usually lasts more than a minute may indicate a pressure issue or restricted water flow. Try adjusting the pressure valve while your toilet makes that sound to find out. If it doesn’t get rid of the noise, open the tank and lift the float up. If that solves the issue, try replacing the float.

• A “cchhhhh” toilet flush sound that occurs sporadically can be a sign of a flapper problem. If the flapper is worn out, an outflow ensues and the toilet tries its best to stabilize the water level, thus creating this sound. Replace the flapper.

• If your toilet produces a loud sound while it is refilling, there’s a big chance of uneven water flow. Adjust the valve and turn it down to reduce the supply of water to the tank.

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Posted on: November 21, 2013