Choosing Tile Shower Designs For Small Your Small Bathroom

tile-shower-designsAre you remodeling your bathroom? If you have considered switching to different tile shower designs, you should read our blog from start to end. We will be sharing valuable tips on how to choose the right tiles for your small bathroom. We know how daunting it is to plan for a remodel so we thought we’d take this opportunity to help you out and provide free info! Here are some tips that you should know for a successful bathroom makeover!

1. Before anything else, look at the design of your shower. Does it have a curved wall? What’s the size of the shower area? Do you want to install a shower bench? Will it fit just in case?

2. So let’s say that your shower has a curved wall. Use smaller tiles on that area to avoid installation issues. In truth, smaller tiles are easier to install on curves and make it possible for you to create natural arcs. You won’t have to cut large tiles down but of course, you’ll have to install more to cover all the space.

3. If you want to have mosaic tiles in your bathroom, choose those that are paper or film-faced. This way, the installation will be seamless. Also choose mosaic tiles that will be in contact with the wall at least by 95 percent to ensure that they won’t fall or get stripped off the wall when wet.

4. For shower benches, it will be better to have a slab for the seat. This is more comfortable than using smaller tiles. The edge should also be eased so that the back of your legs won’t feel strained.

5. When choosing floor tiles, consider the safety that they will provide. Large tiles are pleasing to the eyes and make the room bigger. They are also easier to clean because they have less grout area. However, you should note that the more grout area is present, the more slip-resistant the floor will become.

6. Do you want glass tiles for your shower area? Remember that bigger glass is easier to manage than smaller glass. The former may show trapped moisture in just a number of uses thus make the shower area look unpleasant.

7. If your bathroom has a sloped ceiling, you should also consider using smaller tiles. Again, they’re easier to install on curves.

8. When deciding whether to use one or multiple designs, think about this. Having one type of tile in your bathroom will make it look bigger. It’s an optical trick that designers take note of when designing small rooms.

9. Did you know that colors also make the room bigger or smaller? It’s just like when you’re choosing your clothes. Darker tones will make you look thinner while lighter tones will make you look fatter. When looking for bathroom tiles for small bathrooms, consider choosing light colored tiles to give the space a bigger look.

10. When mulling over between ceramic and stone tiles, don’t forget that stones are an eye candy but they are expensive and difficult to maintain. The good news is, there are a lot of ceramic tiles that look like stones in the market today. What’s even better is that ceramic tiles are safer to you use than stones as they provide a steadier footing.

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Posted on: September 22, 2015