What Is A Tankless Hot Water Heater?

tankless-hot-water-heaterWater heaters are valuable plumbing appliances that every home should have. Heating systems nowadays come in various types depending on their capacity or size; how they are powered or whether they’re the traditional tank-type or the contemporary tankless-type. For this very reason, we want to talk about what a tankless water heater is. Read on and learn more!

What is a tankless hot water heater?

A tankless hot water heater is the opposite of the tank-type heating system. It doesn’t have a tank so it won’t continuously heat water. For this very reason, this heating unit is believed to be more cost effective. It has been used in other countries such as Japan and Europe for quite some time already but they only became popular in the United States during the peak of the green movement.

What are the types of tankless water heaters?

Tankless water heaters may either be whole-house or point-of-use. Whole-house water heaters are larger and more costly than the other type. These heating units can provide all your fixtures with consistent supply of hot water.

As for the point-of-use type, it’s relatively smaller and can only supply hot water for single or a couple of outlets only. This is great if you want to cut down on your heating costs and just supply hot water to specific outlets, for instance, your kitchen faucet and your shower.

How does this heating appliance work?

Traditional water heaters have tanks where the water is stored. To be able to supply hot water throughout the house, the unit continuously heats the water inside the tank. In contrast, tankless heating units only heat water when you demand it which is why they are called “on-demand” or “instantaneous” heating systems. Water will flow from the cold supply pipe and through the heating system where its powerful heat exchangers will raise its temperature. When you turn your faucet or shower on, hot water will then flow right out of the shower head or the faucet spout.

What are the benefits of using this heating system?

According to experts, tankless water heaters last for about 5 up to 10 years longer than the tank-type units. They also do not take too much space and may even be installed inside cabinets. Another important advantage is that they can provide you with unlimited amounts of hot water anytime of the day. Technically speaking, they do not produce standby heat loss thus ensuring that you don’t spend too much on your electricity or gas bills.

Should you use a tankless water heater instead?

The choice is entirely up to you. Surely, there are pros and cons of using tankless heating systems. And since we have iterated the advantages of this appliance above, the question now is, “What are its disadvantages?” First of all, tankless heaters are costly. Yes, these are more expensive than tank-type heating units. Secondly, they may also require a special installation set up. What you have to do is get a quotation in order to find out how much money you should prepare.

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Posted on: August 12, 2015