Sump Pump Maintenance Tips For The Homeowner

sump-pump-maintenanceDo you know what a sump pump is? Do you have one at home? If you do, don’t neglect it. Just like other components of your plumbing system, it also needs proper care and maintenance. Otherwise, it will sooner or later stop functioning properly and you’ll surely experience a great deal of inconvenience.

What Is A Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a plumbing device that’s specially designed for homes that are built in areas where the basement is lower than the water table level. Simply put, it’s any homeowner’s insurance policy when the weather is bad and your area is prone to flooding. The device pumps water out of the house (so that it won’t flood the basement) and then discharges it to an appropriate place such as a dry well or the municipal storm drain. But as we have mentioned, in order for the sump pump to function as smoothly as it should, it should be taken care of properly. Here are valuable tips you might want to consider!

Maintenance Tips

1. You have to clean the pump’s inlet screen at least every three to four months. It should not be clogged with debris or residues to maintain the pump’s efficiency.

2. You should also check the power cord. Make sure that it’s plugged correctly to a power source. Inspect the cord and guarantee that it’s in good condition. If it’s already damaged, you should consult a technician to see

3. Speaking of power source, the sump pump should have a backup battery to guarantee that it won’t fail just in case you experience a power outage. Check that the battery is working. Unplug the device from the outlet and see if the battery will power it up.

4. To test if the sump pump is working, pour a bucket of water into the device and observe if its float mechanism will rise. Make sure that the pump will turn on automatically as well.

5. Once a year, perform a thorough check on your sump pump. Remove the device from the sump, clean it and inspect it. Also clean the sump to get rid of residues and other types of dirty substances.

6. After cleaning the sump and the device, get the owner’s manual and check if the device should be oiled or greased. There are models and types of sump pumps that require greasing. If the manual doesn’t indicate anything, use the internet. Go to Google and research about your device using its brand name and model number.

7. Afterward, re-install the device into the sump. Make sure that you’ll connect the power cord properly to the outlet.  And to ensure that it will work, use the bucket method. Pour a bucket of water into the sump and check if the device will automatically activate.

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Posted on: September 9, 2015