Slab Leak Repair: How Is It Done Anyway?

slab-leak-repairThere will come a point when you’ll discover a leaking pipe that’s located under your slab foundation. Leaks occur not only in clean water lines but also in sewer lines as well. Regardless which type of pipe is affected, the bottom line is it’s quite challenging to locate and gain access to tubes underneath the slab. So just to give you ideas, let us share with you valuable information about slab leaks and their repair!

What are the symptoms of slab leaks?

There are various indicators of slab leaks. First of all, the presence of damp spots or water on your floor points to a leak. You can also suspect a leak underneath the floor when you walk around barefooted and you feel warm spots there. If you hear a flow of rushing water, that’s also one sign. Lastly, if your utility bill skyrockets surprisingly, that’s a great indicator, too.

Sewer line leaks are not so obvious?

Unfortunately, sewer line leaks are not always obvious. There are times when sewer leaks go undetected for months until the foundation is damaged. When the soil under the floor is expansive, the leak in the sewer lines will cause heaving and the foundation will swell enough to raise the property or the affected area. In other words, the floor will lift.

What about elusive leaks?

There are times when leaks are utterly elusive that it will be hard to locate them. If you hire licensed plumbers to inspect the property, the water valve will be shut off. Air will be pumped into the pipes thus forcing the remaining water in the system to get drained. After this process, the plumber will listen to the pipes with the use of a gadget in order to find the leak. Upon the identification of the leak’s location, repairs will be performed.

How do plumbers gain access to slab leaks?

Plumbers will break a hole in the foundation with the use of a jackhammer. The flooring will be removed to expose the concrete slab. The slab will be opened to expose the leaking pipe.

How do plumbers repair clean water lines?

Most clean water supply lines are made from copper. As these pipes age, they wear thin and leak. To repair them, the damaged area will be cut with a hacksaw and then replaced. The connections will be secured with the use of copper couplings.

How do plumbers repair sewer lines?

Sewer lines are usually made of clay, cast iron or PVC. They can be repaired the same way but special rubber couplings are not recommended for use in pipes underneath concrete slabs.

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Posted on: June 30, 2015