Showerhead Cleaning in Your Boston Home

shower head faucetShowerheads are daily used bathroom fittings that give us a luxurious bathing experience; it’s the same kind as a faucet. Due to prolonged use, showerheads tend to get clogged and this is why you need to maintain it yourself. If you don’t clean showers for a long time, it could get jammed, water flow could stop or slow down and you may need to call our expert technicians in Boston .

You might notice that sometimes your showerhead might sprinkle water unevenly. Do you know why such happens? It’s because the holes get clogged with minerals deposits. One very easy home remedy is to open and soak the showerhead in vinegar,

Incase you cannot remove the showerhead; just soak it using a plastic bag or a rubber band. This is best for showerheads made of stainless steel, chrome or other metal surface. Firstly, slip the rubber band right at the top of the showerhead and wind it around the shower arm so that the plastic bag stays fixed. Now fill the plastic with white vinegar. Now, fasten the plastic bag to the showerhead by slipping its top from beneath the rubber band. Keep it for an hour, remove the vinegar filled bag and wash it with water. Wipe with a soft cloth.

Essential Steps to Keeping Your Showerhead Clean

If there is very thick mineral deposition, you need to opt for advanced cleaning. Here are the steps that you can do at home:

  • Disconnect the showerhead and make sure you don’t spoil the finish of the fixture while unscrewing. It is better not to use pliers but a wrench instead.
  • Wash the showerhead using a sharp but narrow gush of water so that the debris is loosened to some extent.
  • Open and clean the showerhead using a scrubber or old toothbrush and vinegar, you can also use a safety pin to loosen the deposits. Wash again and do this a couple of times.
  • Reinstall once it’s clean and make sure the seal is tight.

 Here are some precautions

Make sure you are handling shower and showerhead with care because excessive cleaning using tough agents could damage the surface and the inner parts also could be harmed. Do not make mistakes while cleaning dirt and limescale, any wrong treatment could lead to damage. Do not spray any sort of cleaning agent directly on the showers instead use a soft wet cloth.

Any cleaning compound containing hydrochloric acid, chlorine, formic acid or acetic acid could lead to great damage. Bleach is never a good idea to clean showerheads as it could lead to birth of more bacteria. And, if you do not want to do all the above trial and error methods yourself, it is advisable to call our professional contractors in Boston and seek our expert advice.

Installing new showers and faucetsFort Smith fixing shower

Now you might also wish to change the look and feel of your bathroom by installing new shower and showerhead. There are different types of fixtures like single handed, two handed and also two handed with diverter. Some of the usual showerheads are:

  • Single head and wall mounted
  • Rain shower
  • Hand held

Factors to remember while buying a showerhead

If you are thinking which one to buy, take a look at the decisive factors:

  • All showerheads need different psi (pressure) for flowing effectively. Buy a head that is good for the kind of water pressure you have at home.
  • Each and every showerhead have varying pattern of spray nozzles so you need to finds out what kind of showerhead you need, some of the options are: wide, targeted, pulsating and rinse.
  • The energy bill depends on the water pressure your showerhead would require. Opt for one that comes with WaterSense label.
  • Finally look and feel is also an important factor; it must match with the décor of your bathroom.

Get a makeover now

In just few hours you can get back an amazing bathroom with new showers, faucets and fittings. You won’t have to deal with leaking showers anymore, thus you can save on your water bill. For a quick makeover or repair its best to call our professional plumbers in Boston.

We can install a variety of shower faucets and bathtubs catering to your personal style and taste. Installing a showerhead is not a very expensive project and you must upgrade to a new one in every 5 years.Call us for a quote in Boston !

Posted on: June 29, 2018