Hassle-Free Shower Tub Repair

shower tub repairMost homeowners prefer fiberglass bathtubs because these fixtures are durable and pleasant to the eyes. They’re easy to clean and hassle-free to maintain. Their smooth surface provides any bathroom additional beauty, making every bath time comfortable and refreshing. However, the fiberglass tub isn’t immune to damage. When an object falls on it forcefully, it may incur scratches, cracks or even break. Before hairline cracks get worse, learn how to easily repair them! Follow this DIY guide to make your tub look great again!

1. Get a clean rag or a sponge and a gentle dishwashing liquid or detergent. Use these to clean the affected area. After cleaning, rinse with tap water and let the area dry. Make sure that the cracks are no longer wet before moving on to the next step.

2. Use a fine-grit emery cloth and sand the affected area. When you’re done sanding, gently brush the dust or sand off the bathtub’s surface with the use of a clean rag or an old cloth.

3. Afterward, get a fiberglass repair kit. You can buy one from plumbing supply shops or home improvement centers. Follow the instructions on the kit. Paint the crack with the adhesive or bonding agent with the use of a small brush. Apply the adhesive inside the crack as well and extend up to an inch on both ends of the crack. Let the adhesive dry as per directions.

4. Now get the fiberglass filler and use a putty knife to apply it inside the cracks. After applying the material, remove any excess. Once again, let the cracks dry.

5. Get the fine-grit emery cloth and sand the affected area again until it’s at the same level as the rest of the tub’s surface. Remove the dust or sand carefully with the use of a sponge.

6. Moving forward, get the epoxy coating and apply it onto the cracks, too. Make sure that you’ll follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that it is applied effectively. Again, extend the coating to cover an inch more on both ends of the crack.

7. Then get a fiberglass cloth and cut it just enough to patch the cracks. Press the cloth onto the bathtub for it to stick to the epoxy coating. Get your putty knife and run it across the fiberglass cloth to get rid of air bubbles.

8. When the cloth is firmly attached to the bathtub, get the epoxy gel and coat the area again. Afterward, apply the finishing coat or sealant. Let them dry as per directions before using the tub again.

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Posted on: May 6, 2015