What Causes A Shower Drain Clog?

shower drain clogHaving a clogged shower drain isn’t weird at all. It is a natural thing to happen especially if you’re not the type who cleans up fallen hair strands or soap scum after a good, long bath. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to unclog a drain and they’re all easy to do. You can use your handy plunger (we know you have one at home) or a plumbing snake. Some prefer home remedies such as baking soda with vinegar; baking soda with salt or simply a pot of boiling hot water. And there are still homeowners who are into using chemical cleansers. Anyway, if you’re wondering about the most common causes of a shower drain clog, read on and we’ll let you in on some juicy details!

1. Hard Water

One of the popular causes of drain clogs in the bathroom is hard water. If your water contains high levels of mineral deposits or sediments, your plumbing is prone to clogs, corrosion and sometimes even leaks. It’s just that when these mineral deposits pass through your pipes, it’s possible that they may get stuck in the small cracks inside the pipes, in fixture parts and of course, your drain. Once they accumulate in large amounts, they can block your drainage, causing such a great inconvenience.

2. Soap Scum

Whenever you soap and rinse yourself, do you notice that there are some soap scum left on the floor? Soap doesn’t dissolve completely on water especially with just a few scrubs. They will get into your drain and once the insides of your pipes dry out, they will stick to the walls, finally causing the clog. And what makes it worse is that when they have already clung tightly to the walls and solidified, they’ll be harder to remove solely with flowing water.

3. Hair

Whenever you shampoo your hair and then finally rinse it off, you’ll notice that a number of strands fall onto the bathroom floor. When these get into your drain, they will also stick to the walls of the pipes thereby blocking the continuous downpour of water.

4. Foreign Objects

And just when you think that these are the only common culprits of bathroom drain clogs, you should know that even foreign objects get trapped inside the pipes. These include razor covers, toothpaste and shampoo caps, small objects like buttons and even wedding rings and earrings. So the next time you take a bath, make sure that you have a drain trap installed and be careful not to let any of these items get into the drainpipe.

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Posted on: June 20, 2014