What Is A Sewer Pump And Why Is It Important?

sewer pumpHave you ever been asked if your sewer pump is working fine and you just stood there because you didn’t know what the person is referring to exactly? We hope you haven’t. But for those who are not aware of this machine, make sure you’ll read our blog today from start to finish because we’ll be giving you information that will make you understand how this thing works and why it is important. So let’s begin.

What is a sewer pump?

Have you ever wondered how your waste materials are transported from your shower drain or kitchen sink drain to your very septic tank? Some plumbing systems make use of gravity to ensure that sewage is delivered to where it’s supposed to go, either your own septic system or the public / city sewer where the house is connected to. However, if the area where the property lies is an uphill or if it’s somehow impossible for gravity to do its job, sewer pumps are installed.

A sewer pump is a kind of machine that’s main function is to push effluent from the drains and into the septic tank or the city sewer. Without it, wastewater and other substances in your drainpipes won’t be transported to the tank and disposed of properly.

Can it handle solids, too?

Yes, it can. That’s what makes it indispensable. It doesn’t only move liquid wastes but also solid particles that thread along your drain lines, too. It may not be capable of pumping large volumes of waste substances because it is only designed for homes and commercial establishments — unlike pumps in the city sewers. However, know that it is durable enough to endure any factor that may cause its deterioration or damage.

How do you buy one?

When buying a sewer pump, there are several factors that you might want to consider as a homeowner. First  of all, where are you going to install it? Although it’s commonly placed in the septic tank, some people also prefer putting it in the basement. Secondly, what is the best size that will work for your house? Note that the size of a sewer pump is based on its horsepower or the rate at which its function is done. You should choose the size depending on the amount of sewage that should be moved. And this leads us to the third factor. How much wastewater does your household actually produce? Remember, if you can’t decide, it will be wise to consult a plumbing expert.

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Posted on: October 23, 2014