What Is A Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

sewer-line-camera-inspectionWhen was the last time that you had your sewer lines inspected? If the last one was before you bought your house or many years ago, then you should consider having them inspected again now. There’s no question about the importance of this professional plumbing service. In fact, regular inspections will save you a lot of money on future unwanted repairs. By consistently checking on the condition of your sewer lines, you can expect that it will always be kept clear of clogs and tree roots. In other words, the inspection will identify imminent problems and fix them right before they become expensive.

Importance of Sewer Line Camera Inspection

1. Your house is relatively old and the sewer lines have not been inspected for years.

2. You have been experiencing sewer backups.

3. You suspect that tree roots have started to crawl into the sewer line.

4. You have been experiencing recurring clogs.

5. You want to buy a home and need assurance that it’s sewer lines won’t give you any problem.

6. You smell foul odor coming from your drains.

7. You are planning a kitchen / bathroom remodel and aiming to add extra fixtures like a toilet.

What Happens During A Sewer Line Inspection

The inspection will make use of three tools: the camera locator, the reel and the monitor. The camera is inserted into the sewer line and pushed into the system with the use of a cable. The camera will then capture the interior of the pipe. Even in pitch-black darkness, the camera will still capture the clogs, cracks or breaks inside the tube with the help of an illumination. The images will be displayed on the monitor and recorded for analysis later.

Now there are times when the problem is minor so the plumber fixes it right away. For example, small tree roots can be removed with the use of a rodding machine and then flushed away. Minor clogs may also be removed with the use of a plumbing snake. There are also times when a hydro-jetter comes in handy.

Sewer Camera Inspection Cost

According to a recent survey, the average cost of a sewer camera inspection is between $250 and $500. This amount depends on the length of the pipes that will be inspected, the local plumbing fee and other tasks that will be done such as snaking or hydro-jetting. There were also reports of homeowners who have paid as little as $100 and those who have spent as much as $800 for this plumbing service. Again, the final cost is dependent upon several factors. To get accurate pricing, consult your neighborhood plumber.

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Posted on: September 24, 2015