A Brief Introduction To Sewer Cleanouts

sewer cleanoutDo you know that your bathtub, shower and kitchen drains play important roles in your home’s sewer system? Not only that. All the fixtures and plumbing appliances you have that make use of your drains also do. Substances that go down the drain pipes such as soiled water; food particles that are broken down by your garbage disposal and the waste that you flush down your toilet are converted as wastewater. It is brought out of your home through the pipes straight to your septic tank or to the sewers. And what you have to understand is that since your drains and sewer lines are responsible for waste disposal, it is only wise to take care of them. Otherwise, you might experience clogs in your drains which can lead to unwanted and inconvenient backups. And when that happens, it’s time to let your sewer cleanout perform its function. Haven’t heard of it? Let us enlighten you then!

What is a sewer cleanout?

A sewer cleanout is a lidded pipe that gives access to your home’s sewer line. When you encounter blockages in your drain pipes or sewer, plumbing professionals will use your sewer cleanout to get rid of clogs. It is opened using a wrench or by hand and once it’s already accessible, an auger or plumbing snake will be shoved into it to clear the blockage. It is also used by plumbers like us to inspect your drain pipes with the help of our reliable camera locator. This way, the gadget should be able to see inside the lines and identify the exact location of a clog or examine the current condition of the pipes.

Is it important to know where your sewer cleanout is located?

Of course it is! It is your responsibility as a homeowner to know the location of your sewer cleanout. Having that knowledge will allow you to act on a plumbing emergency immediately. In most cases, these pipes are located outside the home. However, there are also properties where the cleanout is situated in the basement.

Is there something that you should remember when the sewer cleanout is inspected?

Yes, there is. When your sewer cleanout requires inspection, you should remember to turn the water supply off. In cases when the sewer system backs up, shutting down the water supply to your home will prevent your potable water from getting contaminated.

We hope that you now understand the importance of a sewer cleanout. Should you need assistance with your drainage system at home, just find the most dependable local US plumbing professionals! Plumbers 911 delivers top-of-the-line local plumbing services in the US including leak detection, backflow prevention, camera and sewer inspection, septic tank and grease traps installation and many more!

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Taking care of your garbage disposal system is taking care of your drains! Watch this video to learn how to fix a disposer that leaks!

Posted on: June 10, 2015