What Should You Expect From A Sewer Cleaning Service?

sewer-cleaning-serviceThere’s so much going on in your sewer lines. Every time that you use your plumbing, waste materials are transported to the septic tank or the public sewer system by your drain lines. And because they’re exposed to all these grease, sticky stuff and waste substances, they are vulnerable to clogging. Aside from the sewage, roots from nearby trees may also affect the condition of the pipes. When they intrude the tubes and continue to grow inside, they’ll eventually clog the system, too. Fortunately, these issues can be avoided with regular sewer cleaning service.

What is a sewer cleaning service?


Sewer cleaning is an important plumbing service that should be executed regularly to keep the drainage lines in great condition. Unfortunately, this job should never be handled by homeowners. Instead, only licensed and trained plumbing experts should clean the sewer pipes. This way, accidents, damages on the system and other sorts of plumbing issues will be avoided.

The service involves the use of high-tech plumbing equipment: the sewer camera, a professional plumbing snake and a hydro-jetter. The sewer camera will be used to inspect the interior of the pipes. Cracks, damages and clogs will be located with the use of this high-resolution camera. After the inspection, the sewer lines will be cleared of waste substances and clogs with the use of a hydro-jetter. It is a machine that blasts concentrated water with high pressure, allowing it to wash away the sticky substances inside the tube. This is perfect for minor clogs and cleaning. However, if the blockage is too stubborn, the plumbers will use a sewer snake instead. It is a professional version of the handy auger homeowners use at home. It is powered by a motor that allows the fast and hassle-free maneuvering of the cable inside the pipeline. The snake can either hook the clog out or break it into smaller pieces so that the sediments can be washed away with ease.

Are chemical drain cleaners used in sewer cleaning?


Unfortunately, no. We have always emphasized that chemical drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals may get rid of blockages fast but they will also damage the pipes over time. Not only that, they are also detrimental to the environment.

Are there signs that you should watch out for?


Certainly. If you notice any of these signs below, call your plumbing company and ask them to clean your sewer lines for you.

1. Foul odor escapes from your drains.

2. You experience recurring clogs at home.

3. Your drains are quite slow.

4. You experience multiple clogged drains at the same time.

5. Sewage backs up.

We hope that you learned valuable information about sewer cleaning service today. If you suspect that your sewer lines are clogged, just call the best Hanover plumbers for sewer services. Plumbers 911 Boston provides emergency plumbing services in Hanover MA, drain cleaning, hydrojetting, leak detection, camera sewer inspection, backflow prevention and many more! Call us at (877) 754-1048 to schedule a service!

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Posted on: June 29, 2015