Things You Need To Know About A Sewer Camera Inspection

sewer camera inspectionThink about all the sewage that you produce at home. Every time you shower; wash your face; brush your teeth; clean your belongings (from plates to your pots and pans); prepare your food and clean the house, you use your plumbing and produce soiled water. The thing is, your drainpipes don’t only carry liquid waste but also solid particles such as dirt, soap and scum. When these materials stick to the walls of your pipes and accumulate over time, they result to annoying clogs that restrict you from using your plumbing smoothly. Not only that. When your children accidentally (or intentionally) flush their toys down your toilet or when you drop your ring into your kitchen sink drain, you surely have to get ready to plunge or snake these things out. However, it’s not every day that you’ll successfulyl remove blockages from your pipes and it’s not every day that you’ll know whatever causes the clogs in the first place.  That’s what a sewer camera inspection is for.

What is sewer camera inspection?

This process involves the assistance of a plumbing professional. He will use a long cable that’s equipped with a special camera at the end. It will be inserted into the affected drain or into your pump-out to probe the interior of your sewer pipes and check their current condition. It provides a clear visual of your plumbing to identify holes, cracks, root intrusions and of course, clogs.

What are the equipments used for this service?

Your plumbing company should drive their special service truck to your home. In general, it should have a power supply (usually in the form of a small generator); a video monitor and computer; cable and winch and the inspection camera. The generator will supply power on these devices. The video monitor and computer will display and record whatever‘s being captured by the camera. The cable features a reel that will smoothly lower and retrieve the probe into and out of your pipes. The camera of course is equipped with illumination to see through these dark pipes and its head is capable of being panned or tilted to cover the entire area.

How often do you need such an inspection?

In most cases, homeowners ask for an inspection whenever they experience problems with their sewage line such as blockages, leaks, backflows and what-nots. But it is also recommended to ask for one if you are planning for a remodeling or adding a new bathroom or kitchen in your property. A camera sewer inspection will ensure that your plumbing is in tip-top shape before you proceed with your renovation.

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Posted on: June 10, 2015