Equipment Used In Sewer And Drain Line Cleaning

sewer and drain line cleaningSewer and drain line cleaning are essential plumbing services every homeowner should take advantage of. These should only be provided by plumbing professionals because require the use of special tools and equipment. Plumbers have undergone years of studying and training to be able to operate these devices and inspect your sewer / drain lines. So even if you are into DIY plumbing, we suggest that you contact your friendly plumber for assistance to prevent accidents and damages to your property. if you are wondering what these tools and equipment are, just read on because we’re featuring them on our blog today.

The Importance of Sewer Cleaning


Sewer cleaning is vital because it ensures that your sewer lines are free from clogs and that plumbing issues like backflows are prevented. Instead of hiring professionals to clean your sewer lines as a solution to a recurring problem, make this a part of your regular sewer maintenance. Of course, you should also have your drain pipes cleaned and your septic tank pumped to keep your plumbing system at tip-top shape.

Tools and Equipment For Sewer Cleaning


Sewer cleaning involves the use of these equipment: a sewer camera, sewer jetter and sewer snake. Without these, the plumber won’t be able to clear out all the nasty waste substances that cling onto the walls of the pipes.

The Sewer Camera


The sewer camera’s function is to explore and inspect the interior of sewer and drain pipes. It is hooked to a cable and winch that are used to maneuver the device inside the pipelines. This camera is professional –grade and can see through the dark because of its illumination feature. Because of this, the plumber is capable of accurately pinpointing the location of leaks, cracks, root intrusions, clogs and other issues inside the system. To be able to see what the camera is capturing real-time, this gadget is hooked to a monitor display which is powered by a generator in the service truck.

The Sewer Snake


The sewer snake is a reliable tool that not only cleans the pipe but also gets rid of stubborn blockages. This is quite different from plumbing snakes that you use at home. Obviously, the sewer snake is a lot bigger and is more powerful than regular augers. These can even break roots that have already intruded inside the pipe and blocked the smooth flow of sewage in the system.

The Sewer Jetter


The sewer jetter is a powerful, high-pressure apparatus that is used to clean pipes. It works by blasting water with force inside the pipelines in order to wash away the grease, fat, sticky substances and other waste materials that are stuck inside. These devices are also called jetters, hydro-jetters or water jetters.

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Posted on: May 5, 2015