What Causes Septic System Smell In House?

septic system smell in houseHave you ever experienced foul septic odor comes out of your drains? That must have been a horrible experience! Imagine enjoying your lunch and the horrid smell fills your home. Imagine having guests come over until someone flushes the toilet and the disgusting scent escapes out of your bathroom. These kinds of situation will surely annoy you to the limit. Fortunately, you can always call your trusted neighborhood plumber to get rid of the problem. And to help you understand what causes this plumbing emergency, here’s a list we have compiled just for you!

1.  Surface Runoff

A surface runoff happens when the septic tank gets filled up to the brim. This usually occurs during days when we have high rainfalls. To prevent the tank from overflowing, an intercept drain must be installed to catch and store the excess water.

2. Dry Drains

Dry drains are among the top reasons why septic odor escapes out of the pipe lines. You see, your septic tank has a trap in the pipelines which ensures that gases won’t escape out of the system. The problem arises when the trap dries out and the bathroom is where this issue most commonly happens

3.  Cold Weather

When the weather gets too cold and the temperature drops, ice and frost may develop around your home’s plumbing vents. When this happens, the vents will get blocked up and sewer gas will flow right back out of your indoor and outdoor drains. As a preventive measure, the vents must be maintained and cleared regularly.

4. Full Septic Tank

As we have mentioned previously, the tank can only hold so much. Rainfall isn’t the only thing that may cause the tank to get filled up and overflow. If you won’t have your tank pumped out regularly, sewer gas will escape out of the drains, too. To find out how often you should have your tank pumped out, consult your reliable plumber.

5. Faulty Septic Tank Vent

There will be instances when your tank will get blocked up or get covered. This usually happens when a property gets renovated or when the room where the vent is originally installed gets converted into something else. As you may have known, this vent that’s connected to your septic tank is the one responsible for directing the sewer gas from the container to escape in the right place, thus preventing the buildup of flammable and toxic gases in the vent system.

Another thing that causes this issue is when the vent stacks get clogged with leaves. Instead of the gas escaping out of the stacks, they are redirected back into your house. With that being said, you can either raise the stack’s height or make sure that leaves do not build up inside them.

Last but not the least, there are rare instances when a vent is not installed. So if you are moving in to a new house, ask a plumbing company to inspect the property for you first. You surely do not want to move to a house with a problematic plumbing system.

We hope that you now know what causes septic system smell in house. If you are experiencing this problem right now, just call the  most reliable Lighthouse Point plumbing company. Plumbers 911 Florida provides the best plumbing services in Lighthouse Point FL including sewer inspection, drain pipe cleaning, septic tank maintenance, leak detection, toilet repair and many more! Call us at Miami (305) 662-0668, Fort Lauderdale (954) 468-0512, West Palm Beach (561) 327-6287 to schedule a service now!

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Posted on: May 21, 2015