Septic System Problems You Should Watch Out For

septic-system-problemsYour septic system plays a crucial role in your home. It is responsible for transporting the wastewater and other waste substances from your drainage lines to your septic tank where they will be treated. Now we all know that the septic system requires proper and consistent care and maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a great deal of trouble. Among the issues that you may have to deal with include backups, presence of foul smell and even the contamination of your potable water supply. Here’s our list of the most common septic system problems that you should be ready for.

1. Tree Root Intrusions

Your septic tank and drainage lines should never be installed near vegetation or trees that possess strong, crawling roots. These roots will sooner or later find cracks or holes in your drain lines and find their way in. They may also crawl around the septic tank cover and make it difficult for you to access the tank in the future. Not only that, they may also fit inside the tank risers. When they get into the tubes, they’ll continuously grow until they completely block the sewage lines.

To get this problem fixed, hire a licensed professional who’s equipped with all the tools and equipment that will help locate and eradicate the tree roots. They would know the appropriate method to use, depending on the location of the roots in the system. Lastly, licensed and certified plumbing experts are well aware of the local environmental laws that regulate the use of treatment chemicals for sewer lines.

2. Sludge Accumulation

As you may have known, the septic tank can only hold so much. If this container gets filled up and overflows, sewage will back out of your drains. We don’t want that to happen, do we? To prevent this problem, the tank must be pumped out by a licensed contractor regularly. If needed, you should also consider upgrading the size of the tank. Don’t forget that the more that you use your plumbing, the more wastewater you produce. So conserve water and never flush objects down the toilet that are not supposed to get flushed down in the first place. Before it overflows, avail local septic tank pumping.

3. Broken Drainage Lines and Tank Baffle

Your septic tank’s baffle and your drainage lines are also vulnerable to damage. Hire licensed plumbers to inspect your septic system. They can perform a full septic inspection to ensure that your tank and the other components of your septic system are in great condition. With the use of professional equipment, they can inspect the system without breaking a sweat. If they discover damaged parts, they would know the best way to repair or replace them.

4. Clogged Septic Filter

Your septic system has a filter that may get clogged if the tank is not cleaned regularly. This filter is responsible for keeping the sludge in the tank and preventing it from getting into the drainfield. It is also responsible for avoiding sludge overloading. If you ever suspect that your tank’s filter is clogged, hire licensed and certified plumbers. They will inspect and clean the filters for you.

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Posted on: September 23, 2015