Total Repiping in St. Augustine to Replace Galvanized Pipes

total repiping in St. AugustineIt is human nature not to worry about things that work perfectly well. This is especially true for homeowners who move into a newly purchased home. Checking the plumbing system is not really a priority if there are no problems. What they don’t realize is the fact that galvanized pipes can cause potential problems in the future. Are you one of them? Does your St. Augustine home have galvanized pipes? If this is your case, then you should consider a total repiping in St. Augustine to replace these galvanized pipes. Later, we’ll let you know why.

Know the types of plumbing lines

Most homes are built with two types of plumbing lines – the drain line and the water line. The drain line is the one that is exposed to wear and tear because of the amount of waste matter that goes through it every day. The water line, meanwhile, is less problematic. Nowadays, water lines consist of copper pipes that do not corrode easily unlike galvanized iron pipes.

Sad to say, galvanized pipes were the popular choice back then when it comes to plumbing. If you bought an old home, most likely the pipes that came with it are galvanized. You should seriously consider having a repiping done in your property.

The problem with galvanized pipes

Galvanized pipes have to be replaced with copper pipes as soon as possible because they are easily corroded. A repiping in St. Augustine, Jacksonville is to be done by a licensed St. Augustine plumber.

In drain pipes, problems show as clogging at first. Then, when it becomes clogged, it takes a long time for the water to go down. Galvanized iron or steel pipes corrode easily from the inside. The debris that has fallen off from its sides then build up over time, thus causing the pipes to clog eventually.

In water lines, the problem shows up as discolored water. Drinking water will also taste metallic or odd because of the minerals that are mixed with it. Then, water pressure will drop because the pipes will be clogged as well.

Let Plumbers 911 Show You How a Total Repiping in St. Augustine is Done

Replacing galvanized pipes with copper pipes will naturally cost a price. This is why many homeowners put off this project for years and years thinking that it is an unnecessary expense. However, it should be thought of as a worthy investment. Remember that copper pipes will last decades if not damaged by accidents or other incidents.

Plumbers 911 Jacksonville can connect you with a licensed St. Augustine plumber who can perform a total repiping in your home. Plumbers 911 has a huge databank of reliable and certified plumbers so you need not worry if they can get the job done or not. And because they only refer local plumbers in your area, you can be sure that a professional St. Augustine plumber will be at your doorstep in no time.

Posted on: October 10, 2017