How To Repair Toilet Flange When It’s Broken

repair toilet flangeThe toilet flange is a vital component of this plumbing fixture. It is a circular and flat piece or metal, PVC or rubber with holes drilled at its sides. The toilet flange is important because it secures the toilet bowl to the floor and makes the connection to the drain pipe leak-free. You’ll notice that there are holes at the sides of the flange. These holes are where the bolts go through in order to keep the toilet bowl steady. Now there will come a time that you’ll see water pooling at the base of your ceramic throne. You might also discover that the bowl is a little bit wobbly. These signs indicate that the toilet flange is already worn out. Here’s how you can fix the problem.

1. First things, first. Turn the water supply valve of the toilet off to prevent filling up the tank. Now empty the tank by flushing the toilet. You can use a sponge or scoop the remaining water out of the tank. Just ensure that it’s completely empty.

2. Unscrew the nuts and then loosen the bolts that secure the toilet bowl to the floor. Afterward, break the wax seal that connect the fixture to the flange. When you’re done removing the wax seal, you should be able to remove the bowl. Set it carefully aside and make sure that you’ll put it on top of a towel or rags to prevent it from falling sideways or breaking.

3. Clean the area where the new flange will be installed. The old wax should be removed with the use of a putty knife or any similar substitute. Guarantee that the area is completely clean to make the new connection leak-free.

4. If the old toilet flange is not broken or cracked, you can still use it. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace it. If it’s not broken, the leak may be due to loose bolts and nuts. Tighten these parts and re-install the fixture. Check for leaks.

5. If the flange is damaged, you can get a spanner flange first. It’s a semi-circle part of the flange that can be replaced. You should just unscrew it, remove the bolts and install the replacement in place. Drill the spanner flange to the floor to secure the connection.

6. Now if the damage is severe and the entire flange is broken, you can just replace the old flange. Clean the installation area; pour the concrete in and let tit set. Put the new flange on top of the concrete and screw it in place.

7. Afterward, just put the wax gasket down on the flange. Guarantee that it’s aligned with the flange and the toilet to make the connection leak-free.

8. Reinstall the toilet bowl and tighten the bolts. Connect the supply line to the tank and turn the water supply valve on. Refill the tank and flush the bowl. Check for leaks.

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Posted on: May 14, 2015