Repair Leaky Faucets The Right Way With The Help Of This DIY Guide

repair leaky faucetSooner or later, you’ll discover that your kitchen faucet is already leaking. That’s alright because such a problem is perfectly normal. Regardless if your faucet is ball-type, compression-type or cartridge-type, its parts will inevitably wear out or get damaged over time. Usually, components of a leaking faucet are replaced to stop the dripping. However, if the entire faucet assembly is already too old or damaged, the fixture should be replaced. If you have a dripping ball-type faucet, use this DIY guide to fix the issue!

1. To fix a ball-type faucet, you’ll have to buy a repair kit first. You can get one from plumbing supply shops or home improvement centers and they typically cost less than $20.

2. When you’re ready to go through with the repair, you have to shut the water supply valve off first. Check under your kitchen sink and it’s where you’ll find the valve. Turn it off to stop water from getting into the system and out of your faucet. Doing so will prevent flooding.

3. Now make sure that your faucet’s parts won’t fall into the drain pipe. Get an old cloth or a rag and plug the drain. If you have a stopper or screen trap, use it!

4. After plugging the drain, look for the decorative cap that’s found at the center of the faucet handle. Use your flathead screwdriver to pop it out. Once you’ve removed the cap, you should find a screw there. Remove it with your Phillips screwdriver.

5. Now lift the faucet handle carefully and detach the faucet’s collar using a good pair of pliers. Detach the ball, cam and washers as well.

6. After removing these components, get a pair of needle-nose pliers and use it to reach the inlet seals and faucet springs. Remove these parts well.

7. Usually, a leaking ball-type faucet is caused by worn out O-rings. Grease new O-rings and put them in place.

8. The repair kit you’ll buy will also come with new and valve seats , cam washers and springs. Install these new parts, too.

9. Re-assemble your faucet handle and tighten the connection with the screw. Put the decorative cap back on.

10. Turn the water supply valve on. To ensure that the leak has been fixed, run the tap and observe.

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Learn how to replace and install your damaged kitchen faucet! Watch this video now.

Posted on: June 3, 2015