When Should Professionals Pump Out Tanks?

pump out tanksApproximately 1/3 of commercial establishments and residential homes in the United States have their own septic tanks. A septic tank is a significant part of the plumbing system. It is the one responsible for storing and filtering sewage and other waste substances that are produced in homes or places of business. The waste materials are separated inside the tank where the solid components are pushed down and the liquid components stay at the top. The liquid waste will then be transported to the drain field where it will be treated. Now you have to remember that septic tanks can only hold so much and for that very reason, professional plumbers should pump out tanks the soonest possible time.

The Importance Of Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tank pumping is an essential plumbing service that homeowners often neglect. In most cases, they only pump their tanks out when plumbing issues arise which we all know is a bad habit to make. You should not wait for backups, clogging and backflows before you empty your tank. Instead, you should have its content siphoned out regularly to keep your plumbing system at tip-top shape.

What Happens During A Pump –out

During a pump-out, a special truck is driven to the residential or commercial structure that needs the service. Its big siphoning hose will be inserted into the tank to suck out all the waste materials that are stored in there. Then, they will be brought to a treatment facility where they will be used on other productive ways such as in the fertilization of crops or energy generation.

Pump-out Schedule

The frequency of a tank being pumped out varies on several factors. For instance, if you have a small tank and a big household, chances are your tank will require frequent pumping. In other words, the more septage gets into the tank, the more frequent you should get it pumped out. To get sound advice, just give your friendly plumber a call.

Warning Signs You Must Watch Out For

If you ever notice these warning signs, you should call your plumber right away and have him pump out your septic tank:

  • * Foul odor coming from your drains
  • * Slow drains
  • * Water tastes and smells funny
  • * Sewage backing out of your drains
  • * Water pools near your drain field

We hope that you learned when professionals should pump out tanks. If you need this service now, just call the most trusted US local plumbers. Plumbers 911 provides reliable plumbing services in the US including septic tank maintenance, backflow prevention, leak detection, camera sewer inspection, sub-metering and many more! Call us at Miami (305) 662-0668, Fort Lauderdale (954) 468-0512, West Palm Beach (561) 327-6287, Washington DC (877) 745-3257, Boston (855) 550-9911, Missouri (816) 326-8643 or Kansas (913) 948-9200 to schedule a service now!

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Posted on: June 10, 2015