How To Use A Plumbing Snake To Unclog A Drain

plumbing snakeClogs are part of every home’s plumbing emergency list. It’s normal. You use your plumbing every day and the things is, you just can’t be looking at your drains all the time to prevent objects from getting flushed down. Of course you may install hair traps and drain screens but you have to admit that sometimes, you forget to put them back. Anyway, clogs are not really great inconveniences compared to other plumbing problems and they are fairly easy to fix. You have to use a plunger and see if it will get rid of the problem. Remember that there are several types of plunger: the ball or flange plunger, the bellows plunger and the cup plunger. Each of them has its own function so make sure that you’ll use the right type when unclogging a toilet or a kitchen sink. If a plunger doesn’t get rid of the blockage, you should also try home remedies such as pouring vinegar and baking soda. If doing so doesn’t work, then it’s time to rely on your handy plumbing snake! Here’s a quick guide to help you!

1. Get your plumbing snake, a bucket, a pair of cleaning gloves and some rags.

2. Remove the screen or anything that’s covering the drain. Wear your cleaning gloves.

3. Push the snake into the drain. Hold the handle and rotate it clockwise so you can push the snake as far as it can go.

4. Once the snake reaches the clog, keep rotating the handle to chop down or break whatever’s blocking the pipes. If you feel like something already got caught in your auger, pull the snake back up.

5. Throw the waste materials into your bucket and wipe your auger before pushing it down the drain once again. Repeat this process until you’re confident that you’ve removed all the substances that block the pipes.

6. To check if your drain is no longer clogged, run water through it. It might take a while for it to finally flow quickly because it will still get rid of the remnants in the pipes. If this process still doesn’t resolve the issue, you might need to loosen the pipes or the p-traps and remove the clog from there.

We hope that this guide is helpful enough for you to unclog your drains using the plumbing snake. Should you need professional plumbing help, don’t hesitate to call the most reputed Miami plumbers! Plumbers 911 Florida delivers exemplary plumbing services such as Miami Dade water meter repairs, toilet repairs, camera sewer inspection and many more!

Before using a plumbing snake, try unclogging the drain with the plunger! Watch this video to learn how!

Posted on: April 10, 2014