How Often Should You Clean Your Grease Traps

plumbing service Miami SpringsGrease traps are commonly found in commercial spaces and functions as a separator between the wastewater discharged to Miami Springs’ sanitary sewer system and solids and FOGs (fats, oils, and grease) in the food preparation waster.

Most city requirements include mandates to clean grease traps at least once every three months. It is very clear in the requirements that all grease traps in establishments must be thoroughly cleaned when the solid and grease accumulation reaches at least 50% of the grease trap’s wetter weight. Interior grease traps on the other hand has to be cleaned on a monthly basis.

But the question is, “Are you willing to clean your own grease traps?” To save on expenses, this may come into your mind. A grease trap is really an expense for every food establishment so others go the DIY route. Manufacturers of grease traps recommend a thorough weekly cleaning, and by weekly, I mean it is completely drained, greases removed and scraped with all the solids. This is something not feasible for establishments because it requires time, manpower and money to have this cleaned.

Ideally, a grease trap has to be cleaned when its solid fraction is 25% and the grease fraction is also 25%. If you have these figures on your grease traps (or more!) then there is a higher risk of grease and solids flowing down your drain pipes. More of these could cause a messy backup!

A backup is a major problem. Not just because it is costly because emergency drain cleanings will skyrocket, but it could pose a major disruption in your business and you would lost revenues and dissatisfied customers. To avoid this, it is best to practice regular grease traps maintenance to protect your business.

If you are planning for a grease trap cleaning or maintenance, get the services of a licensed Miami Springs technician. The network of plumbers of Plumbers 911 offer full installation and capabilities to handle grease trap installation and maintenance. They don’t just jump into the task and complete it. Part of their grease trap service is to check the entire kitchen drain system. They also know that a plumbing snake is of no use, instead they use high-pressure water jetting to clean the pipe and remove grease build-up and solid debris along the pipeline. This way of cleaning flushes out the system in an environmentally safe way.

Still undecided to call a plumbing service? Remember that failure to meet any of these requirements and documentation on grease traps is a violation on the city code! You could be fined with $2000 or more each day.

These plumbers are available 24/7, all days of the year to provide any kind of plumbing service to everyone who needs it. They offer other plumbing services such as sub-meter installation in Miami Springs, camera and sewer inspection in Miami Springs, and water heater services in Miami Springs to name a few.

Posted on: July 28, 2016