When To Get Professional Plumbing Repair Service

plumbing-repair-serviceJust when you thought that your dripping faucet’s not something you should worry about, you discover that your water bill has also ridiculously skyrocketed. You left that toilet clogged in the morning to have it fixed when you get home. But when you do, the bathroom’s already flooded because someone flushed the throne more than three times. These are instances when you need an expert plumber who can salvage your property and fix the problem most effectively. Here’s a list of issues when the assistance of licensed professional is required!

1. Low Water Pressure


When the water pressure in your home is super low, there must be some kind of obstruction in the water lines; low pressure from the water source or an improper installation of the supply lines. Licensed and skilled plumbers should be able to determine the root cause of the problem. They have the tools and equipment that can help them figure it out.

2. Lack of Hot Water


When there’s no hot water coming out of your hot water faucets, it is possible that there are issues with the water heater’s heating elements; a faulty thermostat; blown fuse; damaged circuit breakers or problems with the thermocouple burners. Water heaters should only be diagnosed and repaired by professionals because to avoid making the problem worse and prevent risking the safety of your family.

3. Water Heater Replacement


You may think that replacing a water heater is a simple task but it’s actually a risky business. You’ll be dealing with plumbing lines and electricity which, we all know, don’t go well together. Hiring a professional team is beneficial because they can transport the new heating system to the installation room; mount it and install the plumbing without any trouble.

4. Frozen Pipes


If you think that frozen pipes aren’t dangerous, you’re wrong. A frozen pipe may eventually burst and later on cause flooding. Your property will get damaged and you’ll even pay for expensive water bill charges. And while you can always thaw frozen pipes with a heating pad or a hair dryer, it is recommended to let the professionals handle the problem. They might even replace parts of the pipe that are already too old or brittle.

5. Water Supply Line Damage


If the water line is damaged, it is more practical to call a plumber than fix the problem on your own. As we have mentioned, licensed contractors do not only have the proper training and skills necessary to fix the problem. They also have the tools and equipment that will help them successfully accomplish the task.

6. Sewer Clogs


Sewer lines are more complicated to repair than your indoor drains. When tree roots intrude the sewer pipes or when the lines crack, you’ll need the right equipment and resources to fix the problem.

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Posted on: July 29, 2015