Where Can You Read Plumber Reviews?

plumber-reviewsHow many of you check customer reviews before hiring a plumber? According to research, reviews posted online are among the top influencers that affect consumer decision. Indeed reviews are a great way to research about a company’s expertise, excellence and reputation. If a company provides poor customer service or bad products and services, chances are, people will talk it online. The same thing happens when a company is outstanding. So if you are looking for a plumber right now, check out our guide on where to get plumber reviews.

1. The Company Website

First of all, visit the plumbing company’s website. Most companies post their customers’ testimonials because displaying them does not only provide proof of their excellence. Testimonials also attract new customers. However, you should expect that company websites will showcase mostly positive feedback. Of course, they wouldn’t compromise their own business. So if you are looking for more information on the quality of their services, read on.

2. Social Media

Did you know that social media websites are among the top platforms where people share their experiences are customers? If you want to check on a plumbing company’s reputation, visit their Facebook or Google+ page. Just be wary though because there may be users who leave nasty feedback even if they haven’t worked with the plumbing company yet and just wanted to destroy the business. In other words, don’t gullible. There are also fake negative reviews just as there may be fake positives ones.

3. Review Websites

Aside from social media, there are review websites that you can visit to research on a company. For instance, there’s Yelp and True Local. These are reputable sites that showcase honest and accurate testimonials from customers. The quality and legitimacy of reviews on these platforms are better and more credible.

4. Forums & Communities

If you have local neighborhood groups or forums online, make use of your connections there. Ask them for advice or suggestions on the best providers of plumbing services in your area. You may also ask your co-members about their experiences working with these plumbers you’re planning to hire.

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Posted on: August 25, 2015