Plumber in Miami Springs Advice On Backflow Prevention

licensed plumber in Miami SpringsHomeowners are often clueless about the importance of backflow prevention. Sadly, this should not happen. Backflow prevention devices ensure that you are getting clean water 24/7. It prevents wastewater from contaminating clean water supply so this should be one of a homeowner’s top priorities. A plumber in Miami Springs shares some worthy advice on backflow prevention in this article.


What is a Backflow?

A sudden change in water pressure causes water to flow in reverse direction. When a backflow happens, wastewater or chemically-treated water gets to enter the clean water line. This is dangerous because it can cause major health issues to people who will drink the contaminated water. 

What Does a Backflow Preventer Do?

A backflow preventer is a valve-like device that is installed on the water pipes to protect drinking water supply from getting contaminated. A backflow prevention device is made up of pressure regulators, ball valves, gate valves, strainers, thermal expansion tanks, and enclosures. These components can get old and damaged over time. Thus, it is important to have it tested to make sure that it is in good working condition.

What Are The Types of Backflow Preventers?

There are two types of backflow prevention devices:

  1. Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) – The most common type of backflow prevention device that is used to protect potable water from getting contaminated.
  2. Double Check (DC) – This type of backflow prevention device is used on fire sprinkler systems and have a higher flow rate than RPZ’s.

Am I Required to Install a Backflow Preventer?

The State of Florida requires homeowners with pools to have a backflow preventer installed. Meanwhile, business and industrial establishments are not only required to have a backflow preventer installed but to have it annually tested and certified as well. Testing is also required whenever the device is repaired or replaced.  Testing ensures that a backflow prevention device is working properly.

Who Should Install My Backflow Preventer?

Only a licensed Miami Springs plumber should install a backflow prevention device. First, backflow preventers are monitored by the government in terms of installation, testing, and certifications. Next, there should be no room for error in this plumbing task considering the health risks involved. A non-licensed plumber may do more damage to the water line instead. In selecting a plumbing professional for the job, choose someone who offers a warranty on the installed device.

Hire Only Licensed Plumbers in Miami Springs For Your Backflow Prevention Needs

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Posted on: July 21, 2017