A Handbook On Outdoor Faucet Parts

outdoor faucet partsOutdoor faucets are prone to damage because they’re exposed to all kinds of elements. Over time, they will start to leak or get completely stuck due to corrosion. And though these things are no big deal for some of us, know that consistent dripping will create pools of water that could ruin the foundations of your home and add up to your water bill. Fortunately, it is not at all complicated to repair a faucet. To help you fix it the right way, get to know its parts first.

1. Faucet Handle – It opens and closes the faucet valve when you turn it. It will allow water to flow out of the spout or the otherwise.

2. Valve – The valve controls the flow rate of water that will stream out of the spout.

3. Spout – It’s the part of the faucet where water gushes out.

4. Aerator – The aerator is responsible for regulating the flow of water out of the spout in a way that it won’t splash out. It is usually located at the tip of the faucet.

5. Stem – This is the part of your faucet that connects the spout to the faucet body.

6. Washer – A washer is a rubber disk that creates a seal and keeps water out when compressed. This is pressed against the valve seat.

7. Valve Seat – It’s where the faucet valve and washer is connected to.

8. Packing Nut / Bonnet Nut – These are graphite or Teflon infused strings that prevent leakages around the valve stems.

9. Stem Ring / Gaskets – Also known as O-rings, these things ensure that the faucet’s joint connections are watertight. These things are made from either metal or rubber.

10. Stem Screws – Stem screws connect the rubber washers to the stem’s end.

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Posted on: November 18, 2014