How To Do Natural Clogged Toilet Repair in Orange, Texas

It is inconvenient to have a clogged toilet especially if you have guests in the house. Normally, homeowners resort to chemical uncloggers to resolve this problem.  But if you’re someone who is concerned about Mother Earth, you will have to think twice. Luckily, there are natural choices available when it comes to clogged toilet repair in Orange, Texas.

Green methods that work (Difficulty Level: 0 – 1)

  • Tapping the bowl – You’d be surprised how a simple tap on the backside of the toilet bowl can do for clogs. This technique works for simple blockages, though. First, flush the toilet. Then, immediately after you flush, tap the backside of the bowl with your shoes.
  • Hot water – Get a bucket of hot water and hold the pail in front of your chest. Then, quickly pour the hot water into the toilet bowl. Be careful not to splash water from the bowl on your bathroom floor.
  • Baking soda and vinegar – Pour a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar down the toilet bowl’s drain. Wait for the two ingredients’ chemical reaction and see if it does the trick. Take note that this method should be done only if the bowl is not filled so the ingredients will not be too diluted.
  • Boiling soapy water – Pour natural liquid soap into the toilet bowl and wait for the solution to go down the drain. Hopefully, it will somehow help in loosening the blockage. Then, pour a kettle of boiling water. Be careful not to pour hot water on yourself.

Using a Rubber Plunger (Difficulty Level: 2)

Use the trusty rubber plunger if the first four methods fail to unclog your toilet. Lay old newspapers on your bathroom floor first for accidental spills and splashes. Next, wear rubber gloves to protect you from germs and bacteria. Then, line the cup’s rim first petroleum jelly to seal all air while plunging. Lastly, push and pull the rubber plunger into the toilet’s drain exerting a bit of pressure. Hopefully, the air bubbles that the rubber plunger produces in the water can push the clog.

Messy But Effective Methods (Difficulty Level: 3)

  • Plumber’s snake – Also called an auger, this nifty plumber’s tool is a long metal coil that you can insert all the way into the toilet drain. A little tugging can be done to dislodge the object that’s causing the clogging.
  • Hands on – This may sound really gross but somebody’s got to do the dirty job. Wear your rubber gloves. Wear another pair over it if you must. Then, slowly reach for the toilet’s drain and try to feel if there is an object blocking the opening. Do this desperate measure only if the toilet bowl is not filled up!

Call Plumbers 911 Texas for Clogged Toilet Repair in Orange, TX (Difficulty Level: None)

It’s definitely easier calling Plumbers 911 Texas for help instead of going through drastic DIY measures. Plumbers 911 Texas can immediately connect you to a licensed Orange plumber who can fix your clogged toilet right away. Call (409) 237-3137 today to for emergency plumbing service.

Posted on: August 15, 2017