Miami Gardens Faucet Repair Guide For DIY Enthusiasts

Miami Gardens faucet repairThe faucet is among the most used plumbing fixture in every home and business establishment. And because of its frequent usage, its components eventually wear out thus resulting to all sorts of plumbing issues. If you’re into do-it-yourself plumbing and want to repair your taps successfully, check out these helpful tips!

1. Contemporary faucets are durable fixtures that can last for years. However, the constant wear and tear, together with other elements, affects just how long you can use it. For instance, if you live in an area where you have high mineral content in the water, your faucets are more prone to corrosion, leaking and sediment build-up.

2. There are several grounds that you should help you decide whether you need to replace the entire faucet assembly or not. These include:

a. Cracked, discolored and worn-out finishing

b. Corroded and worn out aerator and threads

c. Replacing its components such as the screws, O-rings, clips and washers no longer fix the problem

3. When your faucet produces a screeching sound whenever you use it, there’s probably a problem with its washers. As you can see, water can make that particular sound when it passes through old and hardened rubber washers. To get rid of the noise, just install new washers or replace the entire faucet if that won’t solve the issue.

4. Meanwhile, if the faucet is squeaky, the threads in the stem are probably all worn-out. To provide a quick and easy fix, you can simply coat them with plumber’s grease.

5. Most of you have kitchen sink sprayers installed. Now there will come a point when you’ll discover that only very little water flows out of it. This usually happens because of sediment build-up in the diverter. To solve this problem, just disassemble the sprayer and pop the diverter out using a screwdriver. Soak the diverter in a mixture of boiling hot water and vinegar. The ratio of the two ingredients should be 1 is to 1.

6. Now when you discover that the faucet spits, it’s indicative of a problem with a clogged aerator. You can remove the aerator and clean it to flush all the mineral deposits that got stuck in it. However, if the aerator is already totally blocked up, you can just simply replace it.

7. Lastly, if your faucet produces a clanking sound and you’re sure that the reverberation isn’t coming from the pipes, you have to take the fixture apart and look for components or parts that have cracks or damages. Ensure that the connection is tight and leak-free as well.

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Posted on: June 10, 2015